Behind The White Gate. After NaNo. In Process. 6.


The story itself reveals a lot of controversy, family shame and secrets, the kind that the whole town knows about.

There is a focus on mental illness…and it’s role in not only the individual but it’s role as a family member itself.

There are hard choices to be made…the kind you can’t go back on, in this story…the kind that change your life and that you might regret later but still the kind that has to be made.

A few times I wrote in a direction that made me think “oh, how would that be taken…too strong?” but then I went through with my direction and felt that controversial topics roll without having intended to.

I truly went with my instincts on this one entirely. From characters to story to topics to what caused the tears. Even the fact that it wasn’t the story I set out to write originally. But in doing so I fell in love as this one unfolded….and didn’t regret at all the difference from what I thought it would be.

The story cover’s a lot about passion’s in life, love and loss and dealing with what won’t go away. Moving on. Living with the not-easy. Those things that get in the way. Walking in the shoe’s you never thought you’d be in and now dealing with the consequences. Also facing the problems that you try to hide from. It’s pretty real life in fiction tale.


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