Island Living. Art Island.


(Door to my loft when I lived at The  National Hotel Artist Loft’s)

One major thing Galveston has (among it’s many) going for itself is it’s Art Community.

This island has a pretty significant art community, art environment, art economy and all of that come’s with it’s artistic people and characters as well. All of this also mean’s plenty of art event’s. Such as our first ArtWalk of the year January 9th 6-9. See The schedule and information for Artwalk at GAC .

The every 6-8 week Artwalk really keeps you in tuned with art from around Texas, around the world and around your own neighbourhood.

There are a large amount of art studio’s, galleries and other art events that happen here regularly. There are two stage theatre’s and an artist residency as well.

Galveston Art Center

Rene Wiley Gallery

Peck Art’s


Galveston Artist Residency

ETC Theatre

(Just to name a few)

Even our local book store keeps us filled up with regular book-signings by local author’s.

It’s a pretty good place to grow in culture and art’s and in oneself as an artist. Not too bad…art, culture, beach and beauty. Ahhh…I’ve no complaints.

Music is a big piece of our Art Community, Things To Do, and Island History. Not to mention our Entertainment.



You may even end up being a part of the art on occassion.

We even have Latte Art. And of course ArtDeco (haha…I kill me=)


We do have Art in Fashion Ha Ba’s , Tangerine Boutique , Sinister, On The Strand . Art in Theatre. Art in  Cat’s.  Art in Books and even art in graffiti. Of course.

Though we do have Art in Architecture….my favorite. Including the newly reopened Galveston Arts Center back into it’s original location on The Strand. We even have year round Mardi Gras Art.






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