Adulting. The Job Hunt. Galveston Job Economy.


I last spoke a little about the economy of job’s and Art’s in Houston . This blog Post I want to discuss on the job-economy and arts-economy of Galveston Island.

What makes the island economy tick?

Two of the biggest of course economies are the Medical (UTMB Hospital and Medical School) as well as of course our Harbor . With the cruise ships and oil, among other cargo.

Then our hotel’s and restaurant’s have to be an obvious top tier of the cake. Our Hotel Tax’s are what much of the island run’s on and support’s our  Beaches as well. People may think our street’s are bad and in some palces they are but remember that…EVERY CITY HAS THIS PROBLEM. Some citie’s may be bigger with more money and the problem simply more spread out as well as a lot of new-build area’s. Another problem that the island has is that a tiny rain often mean’s flooded street’s at least for a few hours, but added up through the year this causes plenty of damage to even the most upkept street’s. Also on our small side street’s many are traveled by the big delivery trucks and much more narrow are our main street’s than some citie’s so sharing all these with a lot of traffic and large delivery or utility vehicles break’s them down in the daily wear and tear quite quickly as well. (Not that I am not saying te city COULD perhap’s, do better still, by making our road’s and adding bike lane’s a priority, however right nw sidewalks and wheelchair ramps are on te go) but it take’s a lot of money to keep an island that get’s  a ot of travel in any decent shape.

There is our fishing industry. I’ hope tourists and visitor’s don’t forget toe at at some of our best spot’s and if you want to get some fresh fish head over to Pier 21 and Sampson’s  & Son’s and Katy’s Seasfood for some fresh stuff and a real fish market trip.

And our three colleges. As son as the tourist’s leave the student’s come in so our island is often quite hopping with some activity or another.

And our art’s. We have several galleries and working artists on the island, an event every 6-8 weeks called Artwalk, an event for the art’s in October called ArtoberFest, two stage theatre’s (I go see Lyle Lovett at The Grand every year.) An Artist Residency and much more. Walking DownTown one can see that the art’s are only about second to our restaurant’s in what fill the old historic business buildings. And plenty of publication’s in the area.

Shopping is still likely at the lower tier but we have several souvenior and cute adorable shops on The Strand. We even have shop’s the lcoal’s go to there and plenty of them. Bbut our DownTown area also has wonderful item’s for the home, art galleries to shop at and a few perfect and favorite clothing boutique’s.

It’s costly to run the island though so what it brings in also is what maintains it. Clean beaches, drivable street’s, trash pick up, police department and even then it’s not enough and as any town see’s, hard to keep up with. However Galveston is ever growing….this year alone we saw a jump of economy in AirBNB without a loss in Hotel’s. And attraction’s like  Moody Garden’s and The Pleasure Pier bring in a large amount of tourist’s every eyar.  Event’s such as Biker Rally, Dickin’s on The Strand, Mardi Gras  and the smaller community event’s such as Artwalk, Artoberfest, Oktoberfest really always give reason to come to the island year-round. Be sure to enjoy some Gumbo, a latte where the local’s go at MOD, and simply walking for the sightseeing.

Real Estate itself has been met with many changes and the art community contribute’s…Even by restoring old historic buildings such as Artspace-Galveston , The Galveston Artist Residency and GAC . And many tumbling historic home’s that would otherwise be lost got picked up in the last few years by the popular movement of vacation home’s.

New shops such as Sinister, Oasis Juice Bar and Market , Several Yoga Studio’s, Gyms and more have opened through out the island and the college student’s keep coming, the doctor’s and medical staff keep coming and the tourist’s every year keep coming.

In my Job-Hunt, I like to ponder where exactly I fit in. What is my fit? And this, is the fun part.

But I am curious, with the extreme movement’s of nearby Houston, Clear Lake and surrounding area’s. The gap closing between Houston and Galveston Island and even between Houston and Austin, the growth of our hospital, Cruise Ship’s, Real Estate/Vacation Home and Art’s economie’s among more…where is Galveston Headed? The main person I’d love to sit and have a coffee with is an economist. If ever on the island, I’ll take you for some coffee.

Will Galveston continue to be forward moving?


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