Book Review. Life Without Summer.


Life Without Summer


Lynne Griffin

St. Martin Griffin Book


As a debut…I am moved and blown away by at least a fourteen knot wind because not once did I feel I was reading a “first novel” as often when I do it bother’s me most that I can TELL it’s a first…or one of my oft criticism is that even when an authors novel is not it may sound to me just like it is. Either this author is that good at feeling emotion and empathy and standing in someone else’s shoes, or she truly know’s. I don’t know which but I do know that I felt every part of what she meant me to when she wrote this book. A mother’s loss. Two mother’s. Divorce…

One of the most intrigueing parts of the story was the Doctor not telling her second husband about the death of her own daughter. This really brought me in…how two mother’s dealt each a loss of a child in their own way. The accident of a young boy’s mistake…and how he was doing so to try to help. And how one decision can so change a life. A broken family…two families who handled grief differently. The coming back together of a marriage of one of them. The divorcing of another. Speaking of therapy and grief and loss and pain and coming back out of the fog and into the world…all of it was so heart felt I cried, often my throat swelling with tears.

That it didn’t end in a happy story but true life….that has to keep going, finding it’s way as best one can. That one is faced with choices…live or…don’t and to live we have to really live.

I really look toward reading more of this writer in the future. she has a few other books out and eventually I will catch up.


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