Old Q.

Anyone with a guiater

and a high pitched voice

Trying for the high’s

When they can’t reach the low’s.

Your voice doesn’t sound as I hear it

But keep plucking your guiater strings

Tap tap ping ping.

Everyone thinks their a townes or a joplin

Not any of their own.

Sing with a voice older than your age

Tell a story on paper with more words

than the wrinkles on your face.

Handed a bible but no salvation

I’ll sing a song of all hope and salvation gone

Like an old quarter

Tarnished but worthy.

A winter that snows

Where it doesn’t snow.

The a/c still fogging up the.

Painting covered walls of someones mushroom dreams.

Guitar scratched and worn.

Tuning tuning ’til I’m ready to scream.

Life falls through the seam’s.

Sing a song

Stories tell

Fingers strum

Go to hell.


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