Rant’s of a Lady. Dear Musician’s.

Dear Musician’s.

Please rehearse. Please do not make the show that I paid to see (in cover or in drink, gas money and time) the rehearsal. Please do not have three hour’s of a DJ at what is to be a live show (unless PRE-Show time), much less a terrible DJ at that, and then only two songs of live song and music. Please do NOT, I beg you, be two hours late to play past show time and then take 30 minute to hour long break’s in between set’s and/or the next band. Looking unprofessional and sloppy and sounding terrible and out of rhythm and …I’d rather hear a tambourine. Don’t get me wrong, I love experimentation but then broadcast the show as such and then I know what I am getting and frankly my money and time has not been wasted and I am at least prepared for what might sound like fucking plain shit, taking a lot of gut’s to get out there and try things out, art in motion, if you will. Yes yes those high on mushroom’s might applaud, who are tone deaf and don’t know anything good if it hit them. Yes you may be amazing with a lot of talent individually but, as a band or collaboration, should play as one and not be a mess on stage, embarrassing themselves. I, for one, am sober and not high and here to hear actual music and thus…my ear’s are left bleeding, I am bored out of my mind sitting around with all the waiting, and then I am left with what is about the equivalent of a child banging on pots and pans in the kitchen and no better. Dear great musician’s, who yes are amazing most time’s, please care. And what give’s me the authority to state such critism? The audience for whom you play.

Please and thank you very much.

Sincerely, your Audience.


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