Adulting. The Job Hunt. Over-Qualified.


You are over experienced/qualified.

Having coffee with a good friend the other day, we chatted of job politics, job economy and compared job searching note’s. He also in the job search field, with a very different educational and work back ground than my own, a man, and completely different type of person altogether, though same age and same playing field of location (South East Texas/Houston area’s).

One of the biggest bumper’s both concluded to be coming to was the off-putting disguise of “we-dont-want-you” in the form of “you are over-qualified for this job” to which of course we are sitting there thinking “I am not over-qualified, believe me….you should. Qualified yes, likely a much better employee than what choice you do make but over, not so much, I know my know’s” However we know this is simply an off-putting excuse or reason given. The question is, Why?

So we have dug further, even searching and comparing our resume’s to those who have the job we want (very easy in today’s internet-world). Comparing everything from layout to form to wording and speech and on and on, including having laid eye’s on enough cover letter’s. Where and what they came from exactly has all played into comparison. As well as, of course, the job description, the company fit and profile itself. All of it.

The conclusion’s we can find connection’s for are; Hiring straight out of college with no work experience. Often even out of education fields that don’t match the job description at all. And second conclusion is the old fashioned “it’s who you know.”

It also seem’s that the more we put in to do all the learned “right things” get the least response at all.

Then there is the fact that many companies post their job-postings without even who, what, and where of the company and thus leaving zero ability to know how to taper a resume much less a cover letter.

We have learned that most job-postings found on any employment board are typically false postings. There is an abundance of fake, spam and other for whatever reason’s of today’s job-hunting world. This take’s our time and effort put in to find it’s not even turned down by a legitimate but a fake situation posting altogether. And the ramen is running out! The most discouraging seem’s to be that one can send out a flood of tapered resume’s and not receive a single response.

So what does one do? Where ARE the best job-board’s anymore (obviously craiglist is not the place to go anymore among others and local newspapers don’t put their job’s in print as they once did so even in major cities such as Houston one may only find about three job postings, for no field in which they are qualified.)

I find companies aren’t incredibly inclined to use LinkedIn to the best of their ability on their side and so far offer’s about the best with beautifully laid out company profile’s included though I have found but only few.





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