Book Review. Something Blue.


Something Blue

Novel a part of the Debut Novel, Something Borrowed, a New York Times Bestseller Book.

Emily Giffin (Not the twin on our island=)

St. Martin Giffin Books NY.


This was a cute read. Really yes it is in shelf section of “cute read”. I can’t say I loved or hated it. It was one I chose after reading of the author herself and to add to my “chick-lit” read’s. For some reason I am not sure I had not started with the first. I can’t say, however, that if this is an author’s second novel, I would go back to read a first. But I would be interested to watch this author grow, if she does, and may read the next. As a book reader I love an easy read, like those easy dumb sitcom shows we zone out on after super busy days and let our brains relax. I like those kind of TV shows. I almost stopped reading the book at start because I did feel that the dialog was incredibly stiff and much to airhead. This woman was seriously…all fluff and no character yet she had a good job in a good city with good fashion and could have come off as a much stronger woman. Frankly any woman as full of fluff as this in the real world simply shouldn’t even exist. Even her move and plight didn’t make her stronger but the writer herself seemed to have mellowed out and actually met her character somewhere halfway through. I enjoyed the decisions she gave her character, the bad decisions the character made even that caused her own problems. I think it all still went a little all too smooth and forgot about a thing called a visa living in another country but for the most part the read was cute and comfortable and relaxing. Once you got past how ridiculously stupid the woman in the book is, speaks and just…breaths. This is not the book for a feminist by any means and a man likely wouldn’t be caught dead reading it (nor should he). But for a book to slip into a beach bag it’s not a Do Not Read entirely if you are not looking fr anything intellectual at least.



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