On Writing- Behind The White Gate. NaNo Novel. What’s Next?

After NaNoWriMo; Behind The White Gate. What next?

So I’ve read Stephen King’s book On Writing. I’ve spent a month coking crockpot meal’s and getting up early every day and writing with out distraction (God I love my life).

I walked away, took a break and then came back to the story two weeks later and read it again changing, fixing, adding, taking away. Editing.

Though I am still in the editing phase, along with other works in my time, I am onto thinking “Ok, what next?”

So, I have been reading Writer’s Digest, taking advice from On Writing and researching online, spending way too much time online but there are SO many resources. (I must admit Facebook makes life easy with a newsfeed I can pretty much tailor to my reading of site’s I want to follow).

And now, I am searching for Literary Agent’s. So it seem’s that is the next step for me. I will have a finished, second (or third) draft, edited (but likely still in need of some) manuscript rather than a pitch and a partial. From the way I like to work. I want to be sure I stay on track rather then feel locking myself down would “get the job done” because let’s face it, it won’t. I’d prefer to be able to say “here…in all of it’s glory…are not promises of what I say I can do…but proof…love it or leave it.” And I am preparing for some crying, some rejection…all the I want to take good critism and advice but I know each and every one will hurt me like a cattle prod regardless of my preparation of it.

But I am also learning (largely thanks to Writer’s Digest) that I have to be wary, learn, explore and research in the world of Lit. Agent’s because there can be the non-legit’s of every world. And thus, to add to my already super busy life, pile’s of daily research and much too much time spent on the internet…surfing in a not as fun as the real thing that includes water’s and possible sharks way, I have added to it…but one must dig to find the diamond’s. And so I do. Any recomendation’s? Advice? Word’s of wisdom? Feel free. It will be found greatly appreciated.


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