Adulting. The Job Hunt. Too Many Hat’s.


Several job descriptions under one title and pay.

I’ve touched briefly on other “bumper’s” of the job-hunting adventure but one for today is about the several job description’s under one title…and one pay.

When I entered the work force fifteen years ago one had one job title with a fitting job description and a fitting pay. At time’s an extra help around the office task was given and performed but not like I am finding today by any mean’s. I don’t know if it is my move from California to Texas or the time of the economy that is the cause. I spend enough time trying to find jobs here to be spending in research of the jobs there.

Maybe you have some insight or this same happen’s in your area of the country. However I have even been invited to job’s, begged almost to work with what seem like truly amazing companies right up my alley! But to be disheartened when they send a job description under one title that can be broken into five full jobs that each take their own full time hours and deserve their own salary or pay.

One such business (Local in Galveston but I won’t name which one) sent me one like this. Also explaining that I would be paid for forty hours but work more like eighty. It was an office job, with no reason to work nights and weekends, but I was expected to be able to work my regular days and hours of set time and then stay for nights and weekends “until the job was done”, this was not a project where you might put in those hours and then have a few down weeks before the next major one came along, it was a “the same work will be there when you come back to your desk” job and never ending, finish and continue sort. The kind where you can leave at five and go home and come back the next day at eight and begin again without the world having ended, much less the company, deadlines missed or lack of time for event’s. The job also paid peanut’s and expected incredibly high education and talent from each individual. Perhaps being a fresh out of college student $23,000 and experience on a resume can be done but at thirty four and experienced and paying my own bills, it was a dud before it had a chance to be lit. Especially when I knew from public record the makings of the company to boot.

I was not disheartened as much as enraged that anybody would be so…in-human. I sent the job description as it had been sent to me to several friends across the world. Two lawyers, one in the oil business field who signed contracts all day. Another in Japan wh owned a business and hired and fired daily. A college professor who’s specialty is economic sciences and two more regular business owners as well as two H.R. Dept. Manager’s. One with extensive non=profit company work as was one f the lawyers I’d sent it to. Each sent the description back, cut into what they felt it should be, with titles added into each section as well as the salaries of their own location and from their research, the location of Houston and Galveston both. My friends also each sent their own comments. All sent back from each and every person was almost exactly the same. Broken up nearly the same (there were FIVE job description sections and even that stretched some of them a bit), titled nearly the same, salaries much higher and fitting in all of their findings and all of their comments from “move back to California if that’s how Texas is” to “this person is out of their mind” and “this should be the description of the person who sent this to you and they seem to have you doing entirely their job…what are they doing then?”

And so…I sat, knowing now, not just feeling, that it wasn’t just me.

Sadly this had not been the only one I had come across such as this , but rather one of many. that was the disheartening part.

I did give a chance, I sent back idea’s, negotiations and some self-guidelines I could work within, even being more than fair, taking on nearly three of the job descriptions but wanting the title to go with it. I wanted to work nights and weekends only if a project in the works the entailed it but otherwise preferred my strict work house to be basically strict to have my balance of life, and simply my sanity..and even just time for clean clothes! I even was willing to begin at such a low pay with the possibilities f working upward in the future under set terms. I would work outside of my fifty hours (more than the forty) but with a pay or bonus plan set up.

I was turned down for this.

A fresh out of college student was hired for the position.

I was not upset to let the opportunity of a job go. In the end that particular company offered no movement upward to begin with.



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