Book Review. Angelology.




Danielle Trussoni

Penguin Books


I purely enjoyed this book and took my time reading it. I loved that the author had to do quite a bit of research to write this and it was not just a story off the top of her head but also the concept and idea were grand. I feel that she did such a good job that I was moved to actually check things for myself. It had twists and turns and flash backs done just right. There was a little bit of a slowness and in the end you wondered how more didn’t happen between all those pages somehow but overall the book was quite well written, a good read and a recommendation book for sure. I truly learned about an author that peaked my interest in this one as well. And you can see the knowledge of her writing and of tone from where she wrote the scenes to fall on. I learned that she has a biography of the relationship between her and her father and I have added it to my 2016 reading list with eagerness. Angelolgy was a book that got you thinking…and even putting it down to read into other sources and look up theology, angel’s, religion and mythology all through out, making it end up being a slow read for me though it run’s quite smoothly. It draws you in so much and is so well written that you forget you are reading a novel and not true historic facts. An author who has done her homework well. She is also an author with a well set tool box that I, and any other, can learn from. Her dialog, poise, smoothness, characters, flash backs, research and knowledge of what she wrote are incredible. An example. Making you believe that what you read was real. Making you question. Making you think. Making you look into these things past the book just because it opened doors to wonder. Her love story is a little on the cutsy side but it is slight, light and kept not as a main part of the book which I enjoyed.

Very imaginative. And the author took you into the story so smoothly that you really saw where you where in it.

I very much look forward to reading the authors, “Falling Through The Earth.”


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