Adulting. The Job Hunt. Company Hiring Technique Behind The Time’s.

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Companies hiring practice is behind the times.

Another coffee with the same friend and we begin talking about the economics of jobs again.

We are both in the same standing basket, now more of a sinking one, as we had left on the last conversation of such.

Our main subject on the job-economy this time being how much it seem’s that the the hiring companies being a bit behind the time’s of catching up themselves. So it seem’s.

They still seem to hire in the aspect that the fresh college student is going to work for them for the next thirty year’s toward retirement when that is not today’s way at all, people don’t stay at the same job for thirty years anymore and really and truly most companies don’t want you to, but to start that is the tactic of which they hire you with.

In search boards some still DO use Craiglist, yet I must battle between what is a fake posting and spam and what is not.

Hiring companies I find are not utilizing LinkedIn the best of their ability by any mean’s. There are some major publications who use the posting thread most, such as Forbe’s, which is also quite easy when they post on a website, a blog which automatically posts to LinkedIn and then also social media such as Facebook. But these are big companies who talk about jobs more than they are hiring for jobs. The smaller or just, closer to home companies, are not utilizing. They arne’t blogging or posting on their websites any news or updates or too much on what their business consists of at all, in fact many have let websites go to waste altogether and many do not utilize social media in real time, up to date or at all. Many have post’s from about 2012 or 2014 when they started them up and then not any since when they felt that social media and websites are something you open, begin and then leave sitting there, like for those who when the puppy grow’s up and then becomes strictly a backyard dog.

Often I want to work for free even just to fix these items for companies that ARE interesting and good and have plenty of information to offer and share. It pains me to see the deserts that become. And this is even FREE advertising for their businesses and product’s. Not to mention most of these companies HAVE a media and marketing department. This is what makes me most frustrated.

Again , as I’ve said, the local newspapers are not utilized, LinkedIn not enough and Craiglist is a mess anymore (fifteen years ago was amazing for job and apartment hunting) does great company profiles but only with companies who use them and so this is not many in any one area. However I highly suggest it. A companies profile can be up all year round with adding any updated jobs available and really offers some insight and great advertisement for the company itself. A lot of job hiring is still happening through the who-you-know system but more and more I am seeing that the way an employee get’s in is by reaching out, company hiring or not.

However I’d love to know the companies stance on this. And I would love to see some catch-up-to-the times. I’d enjoy seeing some “Can We Get On The Same Page” between those hiring and those looking as we’ve lost that footing in this day and age.

People don’t work the same as they once did. Their job goal’s are very different. Companies don’t run the same and jobs shouldn’t hire the same as they did thirty years ago,either. As a famous singer/songerwriter once said “the time’s are a’changin.”



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