Book Review. Love Walked In.



Love Walked In


Marisa De Los Santos


A Plume book published by The Penguin Group

At first I thought this book more than slightly immature and set more as a young adults type of novel. I was confused that the first main character was a woman of my age and it opened to an immaturity and a love story. A mix that nearly had me gagging. But then I laughed and realized that no matter how old, mature, independent we women are, when it comes to a love story or the want of it, we do, actually, sound just as this book began.

I did however fall in love with the educated, higher potential than the coffeeshop job she had and yet, there she was. Slightly lost but not in a lost way, just in a more of a “this is exactly where it is for now” way. Regardless of what everyone else’s opinion happened to be.

I took a personal liking to the second main character, a young girl, because at her age that was me exactly. Down to the lists. Down to the plan of action when life goes …weird, for our young and fragile eggshell time and age.

And I loved the older man factor. Yes, we go after the older sophisticated maybe can teach us a thing or two kind of man often (they usually can’t) and they know how to treat a lady (in my experience this can go both ways but the ones you may actually find attractive are these one’s indeed). Simple Manners. A lost art.

I enjoyed, however, that here was the perfect guy, even down to his Clark Gable looks that was her style and she found that they missed a “click” in the area of sex. I loved this…this little let down of dreams into reality. I personally have experienced greatness but I do understand the lack of “click” and thought it incredibly…perfect, thoughtful and endearing even. Ahhh, reality once we look back in our lives and the gleam of romance sometimes crashes, the cracks of light of imperfection shining through. Such is life.

Then moving on to learn that her perfect man is not a perfect man at all. That sometimes people have a dark cloud above them but aren’t bad people either. I loved the way this book quickly moved to real life.

I, of course as of late with other project of mine such as In My Mind, loved the idea and direction of the mental state of the mother. Bringing in life and controversy, a scared child, a non perfect home. An unsteadyness to what we think will always be rock steady. Because that is life. True and true. Everybodie’s reactions were quite well played. The only thing in the end was my torn feelings of “Who Got The House” which to understand you’d have to read. And how that all played out. But in the end even that too, went where it needed to go.

I liked the involvement of who we fall in love with in the end is not always who we would have thought, who would have been on our list. Who is our style and who comes conveniently without a history that causes some awkwardness of their own.

I liked the comfort of the book and enjoyed the history of the first main characters mother. Nice touch. This author draws you right in. Very “sit in my living room, make yourself at home.” Much enjoyed for an easy enjoyable light novel read.




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