Island Living: The Night-Life. Because she asked.

So, an old co-worker of mine from Houston is getting married here on the island and asked me where some good night spot’s for a wedding party would be. I sent her this. Also, when someone asks me anything….this is the type of book-long answer they typically get. Be warned, I come armed with information. Ask my opinion of something? Even worse. And so, I thought I’d share this information. One area of island life, spoken in the words of me to a friend. Without real opinion though, some of that can get ridiculous for a way too long of a read.

“Let me give you a list rundown with some info and you can go on from there depending on what you want. However the most fun is to park…and walk and visit a lot of fun location’s and also you really get more of the Galveston scene this way! The Strand and Down Town are all easy to hit…but all explanations below, including some flow idea.

1. Molly’s/OCB- two bars that open to each other, always end up with a bit of a different atmosphere on one side from the other. Which works since there is good flow. It is Irish Pub, offers two juke boxes, a pool table and a dart board for some fun. Full bar. Good selection and in a good fun spot because it’s on a corner of several options for some hopping so really the best fun for wedding parties(?) Just walk from one to the next. This really keeps things alive. Also this particular one, though it may not seem big, holds a lot of people. I’ve also seen as far as a group event example an unexpected family graduation party of about 25-35 come in and mingle with the already big crowd of regulars. The more the merrier. 2013 Postoffice St. (Across from the Grand) Street parking, free all over down town after 6. There is a paid parking lot a block up toward residential. Be sure to tell your party free parking at 6 because everybody gets confused (I heard it’s just free all the time now again but not sure about the latest since nobody in city council can make up their minds on smoking or parking so this is giving you some for sure info).

2. Two connected as one bars down….right across the street is another Irish Pub, O’Malley’s with a slightly different atmosphere. Also offering juke box, pool table and dart board as well as full bar, it’s smaller for more of that cozy feeling and a favorite of local’s, also serves sandwiches that are AMAZING for late night food. And cheap. Take advantage of fun with photo op’s against the big three stooges pictures on the back wall. (the fun par is too making picture’s a part of your walk-about, as you pass Alley’s and neat spots one can have a lot of fun and make a lot of memories.

3. On the corner from both of those location’s is Club 21…there you get a little swanky but seriously…I’ve had fun on the dance floor in some straight from cleaning a garage wear. We do everything casual island life here but we all are about making our fun happen. But they offer some amazing wine, cocktail selections, a little outdoor space to take a fresh air break and on weekends a fun band and dancing…also a lot of photo op in here with their Hollywood swanky cocktail lounge decor and feel. But really…who’s not up for a little hokey dancing? (Def not the young club scene but songs everybody has heard sort of thing, great too if you have a mixed age crowd) and the fun part? You can move on after just a song or two. I suggest the Chocolate martini here or the Meiomi Pino Nior.

Now we’ve played some pool, had a friendly dart competition, played the worst songs on the juke box you can find. Had some good drinks, took photo’s with the wedding crashing three stooges and danced in a Hollywood swanky place while sipping a delicious martini…it’s on to the next place.

Though you will likely pass by the bars along the way…there are as many as churches here (for anybody staying for penance on Sunday morning), and all are great for a quick stop in but might be a little too the same you just experienced (unless you want pizza at 2:AM, in which case stop at Murphy’s on the way back, located on 22nd Street and between the Down Town/Postoffice area and The Strand, where you are headed next.)

4. Head from Club 21 up 21st Street to the Strand. (Walk out of the door at 21 and turn left) You will pass Market St, then Mechanic St. and then meet the Strand and across the street catty corner slightly to your left will be Stuttgarden. Sometime’s a band…full bar, foods until late as well as an indoor and outdoor area. But the best of large nice and fun outdoor area’s (aside from one other we will be getting to) Again good fun atmosphere and a good spot to stop for a moment…big huge tables outside for your group and even some games and again with the photo’s. For the next set of locations, walk to the street entrance again and go down Strand turning right (facing away from Stuttgarden.)

7. Meet….The Strand. The truest of our Entertainment District. All the way to the opposite end (you left 21st and are now arriving first at Yaga’s if you want to stop in for some more clubbish atmosphere, No cover and fun for a quick dance though typiclly more crazy, crowded and tough to get a drink at the crowded bar.

8. Then on to the clump of venue’s at 24th street and Strand. The real Entertainment District continued. Ok, now you’ve walked enough blocks in high heels you might just hate me and be cursing me for all of it but…we islanders do just that all the time. If need be you can try and find closer parking but with a large party that can be hassle, or impossible altogether around the Strand. Or choose the description out of these all listed that works best for what you are looking for and just go straight to one place, or even just one area. But all in a clump here are enough places to really make up for it! In no particular order, (starting with address of Brew’s Brothers for address reference, 2404 Strand ST. 77550) Brew’s Brother’s. Known as the hispterest of hipster craft beer spot’s (beer/wine only), another late night food spot too…but get a ‘beeramisu’ to split! So good! Next door is Crow’s Catina….known for all the people watching and who care’s dancing usually with some fun but not great and always old covers band. If including in other location’s this one ends up being a good stopping point. Across the street is a country western spot (I think it’s still there) and then next door to that is a popular local spot (I haven’t been there though, even though it’s over a year old) called Patrick’s. Have no idea about them except people like it.

9. Now, if you want to go back to that Irish pub feel, with a LOT bigger space, also two atmosphere’s connected as one through a doorway, pool tables and juke boxes then you’ve got Murphy’s along the way back Down Town toward where you started (but going in a circle/square kind of way to give you options on the way).

10. Continuing back to your starting point (of 21st. and Postoffice) is also a place called The Proletariat. Totally depends on what’s going on that night and the time of event as well for what you will get there. I think it’s just and beer/wine bar.

Now, two other places in all of this area to consider. For earlier in the nigh…Friday ad Saturday offers free jazz in the lobby bar of the Treemont Hotel (look them up for time’s) which is located at 2300 Mechanic St. 77550. Upstairs from the Jazz in good weather is the Rooftop Bar…fun and swanky for the island but feel free to go casual…full bar and an amazing outdoor roof top view of all of Down Town Galveston, comfy chairs and all. I have seen big groups come up there but there may be a mix of sitting/standing room, though this will be wherever you go. Both place’s in the Treemont are for an earlier night, look them up and even call for times but I want to say music isn’t past 10 and the rooftop isn’t open past midnight. Though don’t quote me on that. If you DO start pre-dark hours…hit the rooftop for the most amazing sunset views. Really this might be your starting point for an earlier start and a sunset view over the island. Seriously…it’s way worth it. And again for the picture’s.

Another spot, located at 413 20th St, which is back where I started you in the 21s/Postoffice area, is Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. Now sometimes there is a show. Sometimes there is only open-mic but Fri/Sat there is always something…timing typically isn’t true bar time and is about 9 to eleven or midnight. Also, sometimes there is a cover charge and sometimes there isn’t, depending on whatever. AND it’s ALL cash only (ATM’s are all around look up prior, there is a BOA, a JSC and a MOODY’s). And you can also look them up before hand to see who is playing…sometime’s they have the BEST and sometimes lord help us. Also sometime’s cover charge is free, sometime’s $6 bucks and sometimes like $30. So it’s a toss up. One other thing is it’s only beer/wine and not a large selection. This is a real cool place as a couple and an island gem but sometimes hard to please a whole crowd with.

And a fun place too (I wonder if they still have the photobooth, if they do AWESOME. and if you need a photobooth at your wedding, I know the hookup) is was 3rd Coast/now Krave (I think they changed their name) Gay Bar, often have Drag Show’s that are amazing, karaoke sometimes (call or look them up for details, I just saw they say they are closed but I see them open all the time), full bar at the corner of Postoffice and 25th Street, 2416 Posoffice (we are a grid so keep that in mind. A-Z, our leter streets also hold a second name such as Market St is D. and 1-3.)

Ok, also I didn’t send you to the Seawall but most can handle your crowd. There are several…one stop shop rather than ability to really walk from one to the next. But parking is a lot easier at all of them. The atmosphere at all of them are going to be beach/surfer. Feel free to check them out online for addresses. Hemingway’s, The Spot (a clump of a lot in one place, like all one building basically, all have different names but just look up The Spot it’s weird but fun), The Float and right behind it Beerfoot.

There would also be Buck’s back in the Down Town area for a country-western dancing place with a big dance floor for it.

Hope this help’s and feel free to ask further question’s but here are some name’s of the location’s you can also look up further and an idea of how an islander would do it. We like to bar-tour. (To be honest we do a lot of bike events and that is an option if you wanted to make a bike-bar night of it, however please use caution in night-riding and use proper bike riding etiquette of course and always always always watch out for the trolley tracks!

Now, if you also need day time island fun idea’s for the group….expect another, even longer, book of a response=)”



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