I am full.

My Last post explained a bit of my MIA status and is part I of this two part posting.

…Two weeks full of breath and new life…down to a new nephew’s Pisces birth.

After a month on the rock and nose to the grindstone in my writing it was time to feed the writers soul and reach out, search for and find the good foods for it all, to take a break, refresh and step back before coming back to the works of my own. And so much seeking of different arts, musics, scenes, architecture, gardens, people and sights, as well as foods not found at home were sought. And now I rest, full, in mind, body and soul.

In between the big days have been many little days…not all of which I can even tell. Not all going according to plan but all decided of the quick change upon the fact that we held no appointment, schedule or Have-To and all about full enjoyment. Book store’s, movies, antique stores (the best find yet ever being Gen’s Antiques in The Heights , also about the friendliest person met) good foods and sights, and many of it goes a little fuzzy, mixed with the beautiful weather through out.

After the last told, however, there is one grand I will speak of. After many days filling on arts of the successful, the famous, the infamous, the insane, the time-changing, the trend setting, the barrier crossing, the firsts of their kind, the done it, name in a museum, the one’s college students studied as we also did, the name’s you know, it was now a time for a day of seeking arts of the new, struggling, attempting, learning, working at it and alive, the of-my-time…starting an art festival in The Heights of Houston and a delight to run into a once lived on the island author and artist, Ms. Elena , who has a book signing here in August at Galveston Book Store. A tasting of olive oils for the tongue and arts for the eye the day was filled with a spirit in the area for sure. We lucked upon a Food Truck of the day, some amazing-ness that my tongue had ever tasted quite of the like…And even what I’d had this chef did it better…seriously…delight…amazing…food deserving of many noises made of pleasure. Then, changing gears, happening upon a donut place somehow, J, after ordering the entire food truck, managed a blueberry choice while we decided to change our minds from the planned Fine Arts Museum…the day was simply too beautiful to be indoors. We chose getting lost among the neighbourhoods and finding some of my favorite architectural designs that I could spot in the areas. We covered vast portions. We drove and walked, admired and stopped to talk with many…one home we had the pleasure of a tour. The architecture a far change, a cry of perfect blend of inner city living among the tree’s. The blend of story new and old. some new done right, some…we passed quickly by. Some, works of arts, simply. A stop for espresso at a friends shop, Southside Espresso, and onward home for an Artwalk J was finally home for….one of four dates many years ago (after which I chose not to continue dating him, lol) Years later, here we are, and many Artwalks together ….and missed due to work, later. We made it with no traffic! A terrific surprise after too much the day before, to an evening of arts here where we choose to lay our heads. Though a love of visiting Houston, most surely not of living in the chaos that is felt even in the most calm of spots we found these past two weeks. I love my island. However, for a short time, I could live in Houston. Thankfully this Artwalk was one spent together, the first since early last summer, and as well thankfully most art we had the pleasure of seeing was less stale than it had recently been over the past years, though a few spots we skipped that shared the same as three years prior. Sigh. But thankfully many spots held new, even collaboration of bind with Houston. Closing the gap of the bridge that I much felt this recent weeks. My gaze found a beautiful charm necklace in one of my favorite galleries (DesignWorks) made by one of my most admired artists (Maggie Fuller, who is also known for her sculpture work) and then I saw a hand reach and lift the necklace…the hand belonging to J, out loud he gasped “Getting it!” before he then saw me already gazing upon it. Already the charms on it held my story. It was perfect. He said to the curator wrapping up the sale “She didn’t let me buy her a necklace I’d wanted to three years ago so now she has to deal with this, finally I get to get her a gift at an Artwalk. She had said ‘no, I will buy it myself’ then, and she did” The curator raised an eyebrow and said “That, is very Peggy-like.” We then continued among the fun excitement buzzing in the air of the people, locals and visitors of locals more than all else. From one to another we admired, opinionated, and spoke to many. I then found another piece of photography of a woman in burlesque laid upon metallic print that immediately popped out and spoke to me, I got her too. A local artist who is well admired by many of her tattoo art was holding her other art for the first time in an Artwalk of Galveston, and seeing many other great pieces, I have a new artist to admire. Many vines of talent. Her Burlesque lady will accompany through the next month of my writing, inspiring much from her story, her eye’s, the photos colors that catch me deeply. We then enjoyed the Treemont Rooftop for a view of island by night and so on and so on…walking through the imagination of many, so it seemed. Such is art. Some who followed the trends and some who set them. Some from years ago of history and some of today in the making. My two weeks.

The next day, we had visions of farmers markets, fish markets, bakeries and a cooked lunch together, and attempt of the Fine Arts Museum, finally. However, as Sundays can go…the day called for rest, reading and sunshine…food and coffee in bed and not a care, regret or worry in the world. This too, is rest for the writers soul. There is so much more that fills the past two weeks…for us. But now, I am full.


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