Book Review: The Sometimes Daughter.


Type of Book: Novel
Author: Sherri Wood Emmons

The Sometimes Daughter

Kensington Publishing
Why I picked up this book: Novel read of daughter-mother relationship.

This is one book I blew right through. It was easily read, easily understood, and easily felt emotionally. I feel even someone who didn’t understand this type of relationship with their mother would feel the emotion within it the way the author reay keeps it simple and real.

For me there were parts that hit home. A mother who just simply put themselves first in all situations even as their words spoke otherwise of all they did for you or how much they loved you. I learned early on that actions spoke the loudest from a parent like that. So in my quest of reading on relationship connections, especially mother-daughter ones, this book ended up as a home run winner for getting it just right.

It wasn’t cute. It dealt with truths and with the struggles that came with them.
It didn’t have a perfect happily ever after ending but an ok everybody survives and life goes on kind.

It follows a young girl through her childhood in understanding her mother. Her mothers careless ways.
The mother is a self centered reckless “Free-Spirit” who lives by peace love and free will thought but by destructive, hurtful, and abandoning actions.

There is a line “mama was messing up again.” That will resonate with many adult women having been hurt by their mothers. Recklessness in someone who is supposed to be a parent but whom the children tend to end up parenting instead which isn’t as uncommon as one would think. There are young girls who live it today that should read this. That would think “god, so it isn’t just my world.” In the same paragraph lies another home-run line “Why couldn’t mama ever just be happy?” which can also be understood in a lot of ways but within this book falls into the woman who chases her joy…chases and chases hoping she will find it and leaving a tornado path of wreck behind her in the process.

One other line that speaks exactly what my own thirteen year old self had once basically thought was “Mrs. Dawson knew how to be a mother in a way that mama didn’t seem to get.”
I enjoyed the raw this author brought to the table. Sometimes life doesn’t offer much tenderness. And sometimes we only get what we make ourselves.

This book is just written in real and true. Simple and honest. And sometimes that’s all a person needs to read…or even to write. Sometimes that is all art needs to make it good.

I will be adding this authors other books to my beach bag in the future
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When I say I read a lot….


When I say that I #Read a lot of #Magazines I am not kidding. In a day I read in various forms. A novel, a non-fiction book, material to specifically strengthen my writing. I follow #Writers who’s #Writing I enjoy whether they be #Published #Authors or #Bloggers or regularly #Write articles on and off line. Between magazines and internet I read Aprox 150 #Articles every single day. More on a lazy weekend day, aside from books.  I LOVE going back and reading old magazines I pick up from garage sales and resale shops…plus this is how I follow a lot of photographers and fashion designers I like as well. I also have many #Subscriptions as well as when #Taveling I pick up any #localMagazine #localPublication such as #GalvestonIsland pubs like #CoastMonthlyMagazine #TheParrot #GalvestonMonthy and one of the newest and favorites #WakeTheZine . This pile, btw, is only a little of what I am behind on or currently half way through (I do that a lot, several at a time, little by little.) My mornings as well as a afternoon “Tea Time” are about reading through this pile. I am often making notes along the way or even write about a subject that comes to mind while reading. Which of course slows down my reading process. I have various hobbies and things I enjoy doing in life so I read on that. I love politics, Finance, economics, local information of where I live, travel, decorating, design and architecture (I have a lot of DWELL), cooking, household, fashion, music, arts and more. It is easy to lose track of time and get lost among this. #AtlanticMagazine #Houstonia #LocalHouston #PaperCityMagazine #Houston #Local And some #Florida Pubs though they need more! But they do have a fantastic #LatinCommunity one  #AventuraMagazine and a new discover from #Charlston #AzaleaMagazine


I was moved to Talk: Arts and i On Artists.

In reading the comments left on This Article from The Guardian on Facebook I was moved to talk.

I am not a art student nor a painter/drawer,/sculpture type of artist, but I love love love enjoying, seeing, writing about, and critiquing the visual arts. Not to mention collecting.

I can come as the harshest of critics. But I critique with reason when I do. Some of my favorite pastimes are community Artwalks, Art Shows, and Art Galleries, as well as open artists studios when I get the chance. I don’t come with the “Trained” Artists eye but rather with the art gazers.

I’ve never seen this artists work in person nor the years of changes her art has gone through. I’ve only see what comes in this article, the gallery in this article and a very quick online google search.

However, without the explanation and backstory….I see the rawness. The beauty in the ugly. I see sexuality. Questions. Different. Existing. I see an awareness and a voice. I see an artists vision, a story in her head. A picture which she tries and successfully brings to light for us, to share with us. Our opinions do…and do not matter. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Some will so completely understand it and others not at all. And that is art.

To see inside someone’s head we get the slight glimpse. There was a time when Salvador Dali was highly not understood. So though if the artist was trying to achieve an obvious something and failed at it, I would be able to critique it as well as critique how well a show was held and show cased, there is no failing that I can see here, unless the artist told me otherwise of which I view.

Reviewing art is not at all about having to like it. But I could not judge this artists art. And reviewing, critiquing and judging are all quite separate. Statements such as “Been done. Boring. Study.” Don’t fit. When some of the best art in the best museums is still a study of a bowl of oranges or a vase of flowers…it shows that “Study” IS art in itself. When Pollocks hang for millions, it shows that “Scribbles” are art in itself. When The Mona Lisa is one of the most questioned pieces existing in all of history, it shows that no art deserves a yawn or to be found boring. To someone it is not boring.

If someone knows a thing about art, boring is not a word in the vocabulary. Only the show itself can end up boring. But not the art. If boring is the best one can come up with, they simply don’t find any art that is art at all and give the use of wrong words of description. Perhaps a dictionary or thesaurus would help.

Explaining the mourn of Prince to my best friends pre-teen.


HUGE icon of my upbringing and my life…So many songs have so much meaning and memory. You know how you can hear a song and it’s like you are re-living moments of your life? You remember how the light was, how the smell was, how the entire moment was? A lot of those songs hit like that.

Music is one of the worlds most powerful magic’s. Even more powerful than a book or a picture. Songs can make you feel happy or sad and even to crying tears of either or. A lot of memories wrapped up into music for me and Prince has a lot of those songs. Also someone I looked to in my own arts and being your own individual personality. So, it was a bit of a shock. I had just been planning to catch one last concert before he got any older.

I guess my grandmothers death didn’t surprise me, I cried a lot for sure and the smell of Dove soap or the sound of certain songs (Madam Butterfly there or singing of lullabies or the movie The King And I) throw me into a happy feel that also is sad at the same time when it comes to my grandmama.

I cried a LOT for your mom (Darla) , it surpised me, it wasn’t fair, she was too young and she had two young daughters who she wouldn’t get a chance to fight with as teenagers and all the hell she gave her mom she wouldn’t get the worlds payback of. I realized I hadn’t visted her in too long and had let way too much tme go by but that I would never hear her voice again for our long phone calls that never seemed like distance was between us and we picked up where we had left off so easily. She has a distinctive voice and a fun laugh so if I ever hear anyone sound like that I will totally cry just like hearing a Prince song can do for memories in my life.  So Prince might just be some singer to you, but he’s a large part of the soundtrack to my entire life to me. A lot of memories are wrapped up there. It’s like that when you see people mourn for Prince. It’s not about some singer. It’s about their memories like the pages in a photo album of their life.

Life Of A Writer: When you love your work.


My work time this past six months has been on a 4 week on and 2 week off schedule and this past two weeks off has come to a close. As much as I love my vacation weeks and the fun that they bring….putting down the work and walking away from the desk (with grabbing a snag of it here and there). Days filled with museums and antique shops, bookstores and movies, lazy lounging in bed until dinner time, amazing meals out with cheers given in clinking glasses or cooked at home with music and laughter and kitchen dancing or choices from about 35 food trucks in a tree filled park. Twenty four hour road trips in a car with my love and not killing him,or him me, even after talking politics and views of the Government including the NAVY and Presidential Candidates and more, most of which we often in parts do NOT see eye to eye on, holding hands the entire way. Meeting family and having bottles of home made wine sent off with you and loved ones impulsed to feed feed and feed some more. Even helping in ways that leave your body aching in places you never imagined and not a complaint in the world but laughter over stories of it.
The threat to leave any article of clothing of his I loathe thrown out the window on the side of the Interstate. Seeing a painting by one I admire most, a tree who has lived a hundred years, an alligator longer than I am tall, Art Deco which is my favorite in all from architecture to jewelry. In fact, the largest area of it in all of the world. Vacation times of seeing eleven movies in eleven days in the theater and more money spent on popcorn than on this years clothing so far. Discovering Street Art, Art Galleries, art shows, art communities and artists in several different cities. Sail boats….ohhh the sail boats. The Docks we have walked and the sailboats we have researched. Enjoying music from hipster-eque to Kilt wearing to Latin Rumba to Reggae.
Christmas light touring and trying on funny hats, looking through old albums, walking around historic down towns of an island off the Gulf, the city that grew from oil, a different kind of Hollywood, and among historic art deco of the 1930’s,40’s,50’s. Ordering an Old Fashioned in a swanky bar and the female bartender telling me she is surprised I ordered it as it’s “Such a man’s drink” I tell her “Fitting, since I live in such a man’s world”, and on and on these vacations go….Truly a bliss every time.
But I also love my work and the last few days of each vacation I get geared up to return to my desk, to my work, to my writing and even, sadly, to saying farewell to J in his return to work as well. Our flexible lives have us working this type of schedule and capability. Me even working for that month from different locations from an island to the woods to a land of art deco and Latin music and more as the travels continue. I get a month to fully focus on my work and let it absorb me and this I look forward to, my mind turns to, and my excitement grows for it. In the morning I begin my next month. Today allowed my thoughts to organize. Tomorrow I sink into my work like my body into a dark pool. Like the coolness in the heat of a southern summer, it is my heaven. #AmWriting #Writer #Writing #MyWork #Passion #AWritersLife #Vacationsthatdontend