Life Of A Writer: When you love your work.


My work time this past six months has been on a 4 week on and 2 week off schedule and this past two weeks off has come to a close. As much as I love my vacation weeks and the fun that they bring….putting down the work and walking away from the desk (with grabbing a snag of it here and there). Days filled with museums and antique shops, bookstores and movies, lazy lounging in bed until dinner time, amazing meals out with cheers given in clinking glasses or cooked at home with music and laughter and kitchen dancing or choices from about 35 food trucks in a tree filled park. Twenty four hour road trips in a car with my love and not killing him,or him me, even after talking politics and views of the Government including the NAVY and Presidential Candidates and more, most of which we often in parts do NOT see eye to eye on, holding hands the entire way. Meeting family and having bottles of home made wine sent off with you and loved ones impulsed to feed feed and feed some more. Even helping in ways that leave your body aching in places you never imagined and not a complaint in the world but laughter over stories of it.
The threat to leave any article of clothing of his I loathe thrown out the window on the side of the Interstate. Seeing a painting by one I admire most, a tree who has lived a hundred years, an alligator longer than I am tall, Art Deco which is my favorite in all from architecture to jewelry. In fact, the largest area of it in all of the world. Vacation times of seeing eleven movies in eleven days in the theater and more money spent on popcorn than on this years clothing so far. Discovering Street Art, Art Galleries, art shows, art communities and artists in several different cities. Sail boats….ohhh the sail boats. The Docks we have walked and the sailboats we have researched. Enjoying music from hipster-eque to Kilt wearing to Latin Rumba to Reggae.
Christmas light touring and trying on funny hats, looking through old albums, walking around historic down towns of an island off the Gulf, the city that grew from oil, a different kind of Hollywood, and among historic art deco of the 1930’s,40’s,50’s. Ordering an Old Fashioned in a swanky bar and the female bartender telling me she is surprised I ordered it as it’s “Such a man’s drink” I tell her “Fitting, since I live in such a man’s world”, and on and on these vacations go….Truly a bliss every time.
But I also love my work and the last few days of each vacation I get geared up to return to my desk, to my work, to my writing and even, sadly, to saying farewell to J in his return to work as well. Our flexible lives have us working this type of schedule and capability. Me even working for that month from different locations from an island to the woods to a land of art deco and Latin music and more as the travels continue. I get a month to fully focus on my work and let it absorb me and this I look forward to, my mind turns to, and my excitement grows for it. In the morning I begin my next month. Today allowed my thoughts to organize. Tomorrow I sink into my work like my body into a dark pool. Like the coolness in the heat of a southern summer, it is my heaven. #AmWriting #Writer #Writing #MyWork #Passion #AWritersLife #Vacationsthatdontend



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