Explaining the mourn of Prince to my best friends pre-teen.


HUGE icon of my upbringing and my life…So many songs have so much meaning and memory. You know how you can hear a song and it’s like you are re-living moments of your life? You remember how the light was, how the smell was, how the entire moment was? A lot of those songs hit like that.

Music is one of the worlds most powerful magic’s. Even more powerful than a book or a picture. Songs can make you feel happy or sad and even to crying tears of either or. A lot of memories wrapped up into music for me and Prince has a lot of those songs. Also someone I looked to in my own arts and being your own individual personality. So, it was a bit of a shock. I had just been planning to catch one last concert before he got any older.

I guess my grandmothers death didn’t surprise me, I cried a lot for sure and the smell of Dove soap or the sound of certain songs (Madam Butterfly there or singing of lullabies or the movie The King And I) throw me into a happy feel that also is sad at the same time when it comes to my grandmama.

I cried a LOT for your mom (Darla) , it surpised me, it wasn’t fair, she was too young and she had two young daughters who she wouldn’t get a chance to fight with as teenagers and all the hell she gave her mom she wouldn’t get the worlds payback of. I realized I hadn’t visted her in too long and had let way too much tme go by but that I would never hear her voice again for our long phone calls that never seemed like distance was between us and we picked up where we had left off so easily. She has a distinctive voice and a fun laugh so if I ever hear anyone sound like that I will totally cry just like hearing a Prince song can do for memories in my life.  So Prince might just be some singer to you, but he’s a large part of the soundtrack to my entire life to me. A lot of memories are wrapped up there. It’s like that when you see people mourn for Prince. It’s not about some singer. It’s about their memories like the pages in a photo album of their life.


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