I was moved to Talk: Arts and i On Artists.

In reading the comments left on This Article from The Guardian on Facebook I was moved to talk.

I am not a art student nor a painter/drawer,/sculpture type of artist, but I love love love enjoying, seeing, writing about, and critiquing the visual arts. Not to mention collecting.

I can come as the harshest of critics. But I critique with reason when I do. Some of my favorite pastimes are community Artwalks, Art Shows, and Art Galleries, as well as open artists studios when I get the chance. I don’t come with the “Trained” Artists eye but rather with the art gazers.

I’ve never seen this artists work in person nor the years of changes her art has gone through. I’ve only see what comes in this article, the gallery in this article and a very quick online google search.

However, without the explanation and backstory….I see the rawness. The beauty in the ugly. I see sexuality. Questions. Different. Existing. I see an awareness and a voice. I see an artists vision, a story in her head. A picture which she tries and successfully brings to light for us, to share with us. Our opinions do…and do not matter. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Some will so completely understand it and others not at all. And that is art.

To see inside someone’s head we get the slight glimpse. There was a time when Salvador Dali was highly not understood. So though if the artist was trying to achieve an obvious something and failed at it, I would be able to critique it as well as critique how well a show was held and show cased, there is no failing that I can see here, unless the artist told me otherwise of which I view.

Reviewing art is not at all about having to like it. But I could not judge this artists art. And reviewing, critiquing and judging are all quite separate. Statements such as “Been done. Boring. Study.” Don’t fit. When some of the best art in the best museums is still a study of a bowl of oranges or a vase of flowers…it shows that “Study” IS art in itself. When Pollocks hang for millions, it shows that “Scribbles” are art in itself. When The Mona Lisa is one of the most questioned pieces existing in all of history, it shows that no art deserves a yawn or to be found boring. To someone it is not boring.

If someone knows a thing about art, boring is not a word in the vocabulary. Only the show itself can end up boring. But not the art. If boring is the best one can come up with, they simply don’t find any art that is art at all and give the use of wrong words of description. Perhaps a dictionary or thesaurus would help.


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