When I say I read a lot….


When I say that I #Read a lot of #Magazines I am not kidding. In a day I read in various forms. A novel, a non-fiction book, material to specifically strengthen my writing. I follow #Writers who’s #Writing I enjoy whether they be #Published #Authors or #Bloggers or regularly #Write articles on and off line. Between magazines and internet I read Aprox 150 #Articles every single day. More on a lazy weekend day, aside from books.  I LOVE going back and reading old magazines I pick up from garage sales and resale shops…plus this is how I follow a lot of photographers and fashion designers I like as well. I also have many #Subscriptions as well as when #Taveling I pick up any #localMagazine #localPublication such as #GalvestonIsland pubs like #CoastMonthlyMagazine #TheParrot #GalvestonMonthy and one of the newest and favorites #WakeTheZine . This pile, btw, is only a little of what I am behind on or currently half way through (I do that a lot, several at a time, little by little.) My mornings as well as a afternoon “Tea Time” are about reading through this pile. I am often making notes along the way or even write about a subject that comes to mind while reading. Which of course slows down my reading process. I have various hobbies and things I enjoy doing in life so I read on that. I love politics, Finance, economics, local information of where I live, travel, decorating, design and architecture (I have a lot of DWELL), cooking, household, fashion, music, arts and more. It is easy to lose track of time and get lost among this. #AtlanticMagazine #Houstonia #LocalHouston #PaperCityMagazine #Houston #Local And some #Florida Pubs though they need more! But they do have a fantastic #LatinCommunity one  #AventuraMagazine and a new discover from #Charlston #AzaleaMagazine



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