Book Review: The Sometimes Daughter.


Type of Book: Novel
Author: Sherri Wood Emmons

The Sometimes Daughter

Kensington Publishing
Why I picked up this book: Novel read of daughter-mother relationship.

This is one book I blew right through. It was easily read, easily understood, and easily felt emotionally. I feel even someone who didn’t understand this type of relationship with their mother would feel the emotion within it the way the author reay keeps it simple and real.

For me there were parts that hit home. A mother who just simply put themselves first in all situations even as their words spoke otherwise of all they did for you or how much they loved you. I learned early on that actions spoke the loudest from a parent like that. So in my quest of reading on relationship connections, especially mother-daughter ones, this book ended up as a home run winner for getting it just right.

It wasn’t cute. It dealt with truths and with the struggles that came with them.
It didn’t have a perfect happily ever after ending but an ok everybody survives and life goes on kind.

It follows a young girl through her childhood in understanding her mother. Her mothers careless ways.
The mother is a self centered reckless “Free-Spirit” who lives by peace love and free will thought but by destructive, hurtful, and abandoning actions.

There is a line “mama was messing up again.” That will resonate with many adult women having been hurt by their mothers. Recklessness in someone who is supposed to be a parent but whom the children tend to end up parenting instead which isn’t as uncommon as one would think. There are young girls who live it today that should read this. That would think “god, so it isn’t just my world.” In the same paragraph lies another home-run line “Why couldn’t mama ever just be happy?” which can also be understood in a lot of ways but within this book falls into the woman who chases her joy…chases and chases hoping she will find it and leaving a tornado path of wreck behind her in the process.

One other line that speaks exactly what my own thirteen year old self had once basically thought was “Mrs. Dawson knew how to be a mother in a way that mama didn’t seem to get.”
I enjoyed the raw this author brought to the table. Sometimes life doesn’t offer much tenderness. And sometimes we only get what we make ourselves.

This book is just written in real and true. Simple and honest. And sometimes that’s all a person needs to read…or even to write. Sometimes that is all art needs to make it good.

I will be adding this authors other books to my beach bag in the future
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