Island Living. Lets Talk Soup.


I am on to some new travels away from the island but my heart will remain for sure. I will be back and I will always love Galveston Island. The place I made my first sand castle, first learned to swim, first sting by a jellyfish, and the place I came back to as an adult. I have lived here for six years now and have planted my feet firmly in the sand since I was a tiny little sea urchin. I plan that I will spend many of my older days here and perhaps even settle to rest eventually.
Until then, I will share my island life and it’s many amazing moments.


I’m a soup girl anytime of the year and I am also very particular in my soup’s. When I’m not making soup I love knowing where some great soup spot’s are in town and I’ve listed a few of my personal favorite’s to share.

Eatcetra. They do amazing soup’s and by the day so I’m never totally sure what I’ll walk into yet I’ve experimented a lot here and always makes for an adventure. Typically the soup’s that made me turn a face in reading were what I ended up enjoying the most. Paired with their little toastie’s and home made spread’s always make’s a good visit for me.

For a richer mood and a taste on the tongue that sends you into heavenly divine, I head to Saltwater Grill for their Lobster and Crab Bisque….served with warm bread and butter that in itself make’s you come back for more.

In more of a meaty Gumbo type mood then head on down to Gumbo Bar, again their cheesy hot bread get’s me everytime for the dipping (I’m a dipper.)

Lunch time at Rudy&Paco’s usually serves up something out of this world….I once spilt a creamy to go soup on my computer keyboard and cried…not for my keyboard but for the one bite had let me know just how good the soup I was now missing out on was.

My other lunch time favorite would be The Sunflower Bakery and their tomato basil soup served with more fantastic breads (salad and soup choices as well that I highly recommend) and if you want something richer and happen to land on their cream of mushroom soup day then it makes for a really hard decision…so just get both! (If it’s lunch time then one to go to avoid cooking dinner that night.)

Tell us about your favorite soup and soup location!


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