Morning Meditaion. I.

I get nostalgic this time of year for my childhood comfort reads. I myself always read a wide variety and very advanced for my age, but then, just like macaroni & cheese for someone who eats healthy, there are the comfort books. These to me while growing up were among the Black Stallion series as well as the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and of course over and over I read the Anne of Green Gables Series. There are others…there is a book I well remember but since I never for the life of me remember the title or author of a book I don’t remember it but it was a YA book about a girl who has to leave the farm she grew up on. It is even now by faint memory a very great nostalgic comfort to me.
How writers sometimes have no idea just how they touch a young growing impressionable being. Sometimes we read something that completely shapes our life (Maya Angelou I know why the caged bird sings memoir) or that gives us great pleasure and nostalgic memory that lasts a life-time (Anne Of Green Gables) or that gives us great comfort when our lives are so very little in our own hands and only controlled by the out of control adults that surround us (The Black Stallion Series.) There is new growth and discovery of so many things and places in the world (Anne Rice comes to mind here.) And a lot more when it comes to growing up. I had a great eagerness in reading history and memoirs from an early age because I sought to learn from others who had lived life in all types of fashion until the day came when I could do so myself.
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