Better Me. The Discipline.


Discipline is sometimes what I struggle with. I love #writing. But my mind moves faster than my thoughts can convey to paper sometimes (or type) and then my neck hurts, my back hurts, my legs hurt so I move around. I do change my work environment and style but sometimes it’s a nice #rainy day and the scrolling I was doing on Facebook reminded me of an old movie…perhaps I will just take a little break…or a new book calls. Or it’s such a pretty day and I really should be on the beach. I. Am. Great. At. Procrastination.
However, I struggle, but I still do realize that the work has to be put in to reap the rewards and seeing a finished #book, a #published #article or whatever project I am working on come to life…to see the millions of #ideas I can fill a #notebook with turn into actual something, is reward. I love #reading about habits and tips on avoiding procrastination and I love reading inspiring articles in all kinds of #publications like #Forbes #TheMuse #entrepreneur and more. But I also have to remember not to get wrapped up in them either…all day….and not actually put them to use. My tip is to schedule this in. But also to schedule your strict writing. I even schedule my research separate from my writing time so I don’t end up falling off track on the Internet all day. Procrastination still happens from time to time. I will always be a work in progress to be a #BetterMe


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