Better Me. Stop and Breath.


#BetterMe It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day, the busy, the stuff we have to do get done and should have been done. The laundry, the work, the emails, and the phone calls. But taking time to really organize all of this is essential. For me sometimes organizing can seem to take a lot of time when I could be getting other things done, but if I don’t it gets scattered and even more so I get overwhelmed and just run away from it rather than tackle it, or get too buried to see what I need to actually do, and nothing at all gets accomplished. I take every December every year since I’ve been an adult to organize the next year. I take Monday to organize my week (I relax on Sunday, play on Saturday, and Friday I am too done with it all to even care) I take every start of each season to organize for it. I evaluate, organize, read over notes and remind myself for my reasons and what I’ve forgotten in weeks past. If I get easily distracted I realize that I’ve come off track. I feel easily confused, wasteful of time, that I worked an entire day but accomplished nothing…couldn’t even tell you what I did, end up reading FB too much, or jump from subject to subject every five minutes and I realize at these times that I need to reevaluate, reassess. Read my lists, my goals for that week, my trusty to do list. Stop Drop and roll so to speak and remember what my plan was. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a second to actually read the to do list you made or what you have scheduled in your calender. Rather than go go go and ending up only spinning our wheels. #Organize #BetterMe #Alwaysgrowing


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