Island Living. Lets talk shop.

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Galveston Island is home to three colleges, UTMB Medical College, Texas A&M Galveson College and Galveston Community College which works a lot with the two larger college’s offering studies and collaborating to offer students more.

On top of the colleges there are a lot of writer’s, studiers of other things, and business people who meet one on one or in groups (often to discuss business collaboration’s or Art Project’s.)

Thankfully the island has some fun meeting spots and good study spots and here I highlight a few of my personal favorite’s. (Now, understand, I am a Down Town Loving Lady.)

Top on the list for me (as a writer) will always be MOD Coffeeshop. Here is a place that belongs in movie’s. The esthetics are incredibly pleasing, the atmosphere instantly warm. This coffeeshop is like a hug in your life. They offer great coffee’s from trained and experienced Barista’s and the location itself isn’t just a pop up one day and gone the next as it’s been here for years and even survived the floods and winds of Hurricane Ike that demolished our Down Town. There are several different atmosphere’s in one…a side room often quieter for study with big tables for sharing or smaller tables for your own world. A lot of sunlight but a private feel. The immediate cafe area is more social and filled with the busy of the shop’s comings and going’s, however if you put your headphones on it’s easy to block it out if needed and study. You often find groups of business suit’s or group’s of college kids in conversation, meeting, or head bent over book. There is an upstairs loft for private and cozy and a conference room to book for any needed private closed off meeting space (ask a Barista). There is also the delightful outside area where you can either enjoy fresh air and sunshine while face in laptop or take a break and enjoy a latte with a friend. They offer Wi-Fi, plugs, foods and snacks to keep one focused. Hours Mon-Sunday 8-10. 2126 Postoffice St. (Down Town)

Denny’s, wierdly has been one of my favorite spots for an all night/late night writing fest with the coffee that the servers keep on bringing. Please tip kindly (at all your location’s), (also they offer such super cheap menu to charge energy on.) They also have wi-fi. 24 hours/7 days. 1410 Seawall Blvd. (East)

Brew’s Brother’s has a pretty good atmosphere but I do find their wi-fi terrible so if you have internet work to do perhaps not so much unless you can hot spot your phone if needed. They do offer the adult libations and good foods and a comfortable spot. Just don’t go on their trivia night (Wednesday.) Mon-Sunday 11:AM-2:AM. 2404 Strand St. (The Strand)

One of my favorite grab some quiet, some food and work can be Mediterranean Chef on The Strand. No Wi-Fi here but sometime’s we just need some hummas and to disconnect. Mon-Sunday 11:AM-9:PM. 2402 Srand St. (The Strand)

One can’t leave out the library. When you need Wi-fi, are too broke to order even a coffee, or need that feel of get down to business plus some reference materials this is the place. Big table area’s, wi-fi and plugs, and print/scan ability all available. Mon-Sat 9-6. 2310 Sealy Street. (Mid-Near Down Town/East End)

And a weirdly but good place to hit? Happy Hours at several local restaurants. Most offer wi-fi (usually no plugs so go charged up) and good for group study sessions and conversations with a side of happy hour bites’s and drinks (I am personally all about the food and love to eat when working). Usually restaurant happy hours are about 5-7 but check to be sure . Some of my favorite’s are Fisherman’s Wharf, NoNo Tony’s, Fishtale’s are all a few good spot’s and usually not crowded around that time on weekday’s, especially on the island’s ‘off season’ of winter. Location’s and Time’s vary, check website’s.

Starbucks on 61st. Street or Harborside offering wi-fi, connections and more but remember on certain days we have cruiseships Down town at the Harbor so a time’s that one can get a little busy. Ship schedules and Time’s vary, check website’s.

One of my wi-fi available and easy to read in spots is also Gumbo Bar on Postoffice St. where I can cuddle up with a warm bowl of gumbo while I work. Quiet enough on weekdays during the day. Mon-Sunday 11:PM-10:PM.2107 Postoffice St. (DownTown)

Tell us some of your favorite Study and Meeting spot’s!


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