Morning Meditation IV

This years reading list has me reading…and writing, a lot on child-parent relationship. What has been one interesting and eye opening aspect of seeking this has been learning how far from alone I am in how I grew up and how little Leave it to Beaver homes often can be. It was not just my own. I am not alone. And each persons story I read shows how much we all take from these experiences and how they intertwine into our adult lives, our own raising of children, and how much each differ in how they handle and come out of what they went through. Sometimes reading these books can be like sitting with a good friend to tea and bawling my eyes out while I finally tell my own story. Humans…we need to share. It’s a release for the soul. We need a comforting “There There” from a friend at times and yet it’s often easier to do this with a stranger than someone we know…whom we might be judged by. (And that is why therapy excels). Yet I find I often achieve this through reading someones else’s story…often I read and think Yes! I GET you! And they, me. I never thought a day would come when I could put pen to paper of sharing my own story. But in the past few years that flower seems to be blooming…and I am far more ok with it than I thought I might be. The Roots of Under The Oak are taking place, digging deep and spreading out and soon my own stores shall be told.

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