Better Me. Maker of lists.


#BetterMe. I am a list maker and planner by nature. But I have found that against all “studies” I am also incredibly flexible and easily adjust to changes and situations. I don’t live by my lists but I use them as guidelines. I’ve always spur of the moment changed plans in my life and been able to go with the flow. I can be very type A and then swing extremely to the opposite spectrum.

Recently I did a “30 days of changing habits” situation and found that I rather worked and lived better with a routine, but that I am also easily broken from my routine as well, without having the so-called personality and habits formed to do so. I like knowing my first steps in the morning. It is therapeutic and gives me time running in automatic before my brain has fully kicked in…and I’ll find myself washing dishes, making breakfast, setting up my notes before I’ve even come out of my morning brain fog. During my habit changing 30 days I felt at a total loss, especially first thing in the mornings. I found I wandered and had that weird disoriented feeling one has when they wake up super late unexpectedly and feels the day is already half gone. I found, though, that with a plan set the night before I could flow with this. My brain wasn’t quite awake to think in the morning just yet to make such decisions.
I suppose I could have worked at it another 30 days and become this way more so called incredibly flexible person but truly I got very little to no work done and chose to go back to my planning and list making routine style. However, if a storm hits in life I’ve already learned that I manage to handle them just fine and adjust incredibly quickly, I am a Bounce-Back person all the way and frankly life has thrown enough of that my way to know how I’d react and to not need to try and form habit changing ways in 30 days. In the daily, however, I like my routine and my set ways.

Call it the Libra in me (and yes, a place for everything and everything in its place) I also found that many people do not have routine and set ways, make plans and lists and for many I learned these were the least successful people in life, work, or whatever. Even in handling crazy life situations thrown at them, or emotionally, as according to this 30 day change plan was supposed to be all about. I think I’ll live by my own rules and routine. #Routine #30day #Plansandlists #Everybodyisdifferent


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