Morning Meditation V.


I enjoy listening to podcasts and language learning and music often but there is a time in the morning when I want that perfect silence. That sound of morning. Hours before even a voice breaks into the atmosphere.

I hear the cars drive by, tires on pavement. Sometimes rain on the window. Birds of all kinds. But I will make my coffee, moving about my kitchen in silence.

I grew up with a TV often in the background. The morning theme was tuned to the sounds of Good Morning America and I will forever remember the voice of Peter Jennings, then onto the voice of Martha Stewart on a cold Massachusetts morning, I remember well during my kindergarten year. The sound of animals, dogs barking and eight children in a house hold…mom’s voice…dads long gone to work. That was the morning theme growing up but now in my adulthood…

Ever since I left, it was silence in the morning that I embraced. I often wonder if my mother, mother of eight, ever went mad from never having that silence that I relish so much now. (she did, actually, but other stories for other times. It makes me wonder if I would go mad losing that morning silence if I had children.)

I first experienced silent mornings when I visited my grandparents home. The sounds then were of newspaper pages turning and spoons against thin china cups. But the value of morning silence set in. My first true experience on my own was my first time to New York.

I was very young. Still a teenager and so eager to see the city I woke and dressed for a run early when even the city was still asleep. Truly, for those who say you can’t find silence in Manhattan are very wrong. In early mornings there was a hush, I remember clearly one morning especially. The world was most quiet and even I who had come from the country could hear the hush. It had just rained but now the sun shown and glistened on wet streets. Soon the cars woke and even respected the silence, only the whisper of their tires on the rain wet pavement was heard. Not yet any honking and engines roared.

Little by little the great city woke up and the sound of huge garbage trucks and tin trash cans being emptied to them, men shouting, conversing and talking had started to sound. Metal gates in front of stores rolled up and bells above opening doors. High heels pounding the ground and construction crews getting to work.

But in the city, early enough, there is a hush and a morning silence easily found that hush before the red curtains rise…the waking of the city was only an extraordinary orchestra….the conductors hands raised were the suns day rays…and then flow…one music to the next and all blend together giving us our sound track for the day.

I love my morning silence before the day begins.

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