Morning Meditation VI.


Recently I wrote about reading others stories and now writing my own. That posting tended toward the sad and heartache of life but there is a balanced side of my reading on others peoples stories as well. In reading of memoirs, peoples lives, and child-parent relationships I do not only read nor write on the bad and sad but often on the good and inspirational. Well balanced is key to emotional health. Some peoples lives really were and are good and they seek things, dream, achieve, and create, and seek the good even through the bad, and this is very encouraging, insightful, and a balance from the depressing. Reading of others peoples achievements reminds me of my own abilities, encourages me to continue forward and, again, is like having tea with a friend but rather than bawling on the negative it is celebrating on the awesome that life has to offer. Even in my own story the bad comes with the good and never will I write my own story without that balance. That truth.



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