Better Me. Habits.


#BetterMe I keep a file on my computer titled Habits. These are habits articles I read and find interesting, habits of the brain, work, life, and social skills, as well as work outs, yoga, health and beauty, and more. I Find some habits that are great to learn, try, and maybe add into my own life routine, and I try some out that don’t stick with me or work for me at all. I’ve saved enough up now to organize them into categories. I really enjoy brain strengthening habits as alzheimer’s runs in my family. Healthy habits as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease do. Sometimes it’s super simple habits or reminders that in busy life just slips my mind. Sometimes it’s even in friend connection as well, remembering to come out of my seclusion to pay attention to someone else and feed a relationship in my life, ideas (like sending postcards) and whatnot. Just dropping a line from time to time and not depending on rolling through facebook feeds to see and only lazily “like” a post of theirs. Reminders are not a bad thing in a world that has a thousand signs to read in a one mile strip of road or calenders of appointments and things to keep up with, deadlines to focus on and projects that devour you. And frankly some big magazines practically build their wealth and following on article after article of habit forming tips so I can’t be the only one who finds them useful. #Habits


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