Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet


Type of Book: Novel
Author: Jamie Ford

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

Ballantine Publishing

Why I picked up this book: I follow Jamie Ford online and have really fallen not only for a lot of his writing but the way he promotes and also even his political and world views he shares.

I have followed and read the short story presence of this author for some time before I finally got the book. I have no read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and am eager to read his next one, Songs Willow Frost. My asking for the book in a Barnes & Noble when I coudn’t find it (only copy) prompted the clerk to order one for himself right then and there, and we ended up in great discussion of interracial relationships, and we spoke of WWII, views of this writer and others, and of being aspiring writers ourselves. However, it was nice to see someone prompted to read a book I was to read.

I loved it, a well done read and for an adult getting into the mind of a child (since we so forget) Ford did a really good job. This book even ended up touching on parental relationships, a big topic of reading for me this year, that I had not expected.

What I like as well is that transitional from online author presence that I’ve enjoyed reading to novel author was smooth and seamless…not a drastic situation of change.

The book really did take you in the the characters, time and place and it is a sink down with some coffee and get comfortable kind of read.

Ford is speaking in schools I heard, and this book really is one that should become required classroom reading. It helps open eye’s to a part of America that no one ever talks about. But is written in such an easy way to really let kids relate.

The transition from past to present in a book is not always easy to follow but Ford does a great job in that, in the clean writing, in the teaching of the book without trying to…and without any shoving down the throat of politics or getting technical and sounding like an encyclopedia, and in pulling in the reader. This is a must add to your reading list.

I was hooked to travel to places in this book, the Panama Hotel, Seattle, I wanted to spend rainy days walking through China Town while reading this book.

Hotel is a book I would have bought for it’s cover. I love the color and the photo, the story told in the cover itself. Good job.

The fact that this is a debut novel really bows me away…it has the simplicity… the crisp clearness, the nonsense cut out and the story told usually missed by first time authors. I love reading first time books but am usually frustrated and learn more of what not to do with my writing than end up reading a book that inspires me…but this book inspires, teaches and sets example.

Good for the beach. Good for the adult. Good over tea on a rainy day, good for the teen, even good for the pre-teen, good for the elderly, good for the reader, good for the writer. Good in the schools. This book is an all around with good breadth.

Be sure to read his acknowledgement, in itself a cute enjoyment.


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