Morning Meditation VII.


So many to read! My list this year is at 181 of reading geared toward my various writings or wants of influence, enjoyment or learning. All basically influencing. But more and more books keep getting added to my Books File! I have a books file in my book marks, a file folder on my desk top, there is goodreads, there are book tites and authors names written al throughout several notesbooks, even sticky notes all over my desk, and logged in lists on my phone. Not to mention when I am buying the random when out and about that aren’t on my current list. So then my book pile grows as well. And then there are the gift books that come along and are very cherished. So much goodness and so little time. I’ve already decided that next years reading list will be strictly #instagram from #writers on there. So if you are an #author of a #book, even your #firstbook #Firsttimeauthor or #selfpublished In part because I follow some really neat people and in part to promote #authors who work hard to promote their #writing. Post your Author-Insta here!


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