Houston. We found food Trucks.


(BTW, the BEST food much less Foodtruck we have ever ever had…find them!)

It’s hard for me to even write the word Houston without hearing in my head …”We have a problem” being said…it is nearly as impossible as spelling Mississippi without singing.

Joe and I have been enjoying some Houston time this past Winter and Spring.

We realized that though we were soon to set off on travels all over the country, we hadn’t quite taken advantage of what was right here on our doorstep. He was not from the area and knew not much about it and I had grown up here but not too much yet experienced Houston as an adult.

So in this time we took to the streets of the big city, the city that boomed beginning with the time that I was born. We have now been several trips and yet to have experienced even a quarter of what it has to offer. But in our travels and time and years we will be back for much more…until then, here is some of our fun.

At the end of each day we’ve yet to want to stay and are always pleased when we headed home, I-45 Southbound. It has been a pleasure to have Houston right at our feet when living in Galveston.

We have gone in search of crunchy taco’s, food trucks, Polish or Indian food and other what are we craving that the island doesn’t offer tastes for our tongues.
We have enjoyed museums and still not covered them all.

We went to the zoo and and many gardens…still not covering all of the large outdoor parks, gardens and all greenspaces that Houston has to offer, however we have recently enjoyed the greatly done Buffalo Bayou. Many many props to Houstons recently previous mayor and hopes that future ones continue the works.

We have discovered amazing cheeses, great shops and spent days digging through antique stores and browsing, reading and carting home half of some bookstores.
We have driven through and walked through many neighbourhoods, enjoying the architecture…even walking up to people in their yard or driveway (I am surprised we’ve not been shot) and asking them about some of them.

Though Joe has decidedly stated he obviously is not the “Coffee-shop kind of guy” (Back to a wall, too many people, knows all the exits, doesn’t get lost in computers, or know what he wants to order) he handles my need for visiting the many in stride.

He is, however, just as much foodie as I am and with a palate that will try anything (have yet met anyone that beats me though) and aside from finding not only neat things to eat…but real true discoveries, we also duck often into spice and oil shops, cheese and more.

We have feasted our eye’s upon the works of Salvador Dali, sat in quiet of chapels, and drooled over the smooth curvy lines of models…we are talking of the art-deco car kind.

We have watched the bats fly at sunset and we have been lost and lost and not even cared but rather enjoyed wherever we where and the sites we found.
We have really covered so much ground and yet…Houston. It’s that big.

dscf7338_26749900581_odscf7339_26749814761_odscf7342_26212765573_odscf7343_26749798051_odscf7364_26534897840_odscf7366_26202109034_odscf7367_26202098824_odscf7368_26782727956_odscf7370_26806792415_o Author of Dogs with Bagels. And Water color artist.

dscf7371_26202071554_odscf7372_26534461860_odscf7373_26534454360_odscf7374_26201695304_odscf7375_26201689744_odscf7376_26202840083_odscf7377_26202833163_oSomehow after all the foodtruck food Joe managed a blueberry donut. Seriously…he’s all hurry the hell up and take the picture googly eyeing that thing.


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