Island Living. Let’s Talk Food.

I am on to some new travels away from the island but my heart will remain for sure. I will be back and I will always love Galveston Island. The place I made my first sand castle, first learned to swim, my first sting by a jellyfish, and the place I came back to as an adult. I have lived here for six years now and have planted my feet firmly in the sand since I was a tiny little sea urchin. I plan that I will spend many of my older days here and perhaps even settle to rest eventually.
Until then, I will share my island life and its many amazing moments.


We’ve talked steak Night for the meat eaters but I often have Vegetarian and Vegan friend’s visit so I had to quickly learn who served accommodating menu’s.

Oasis Juice Bar is the only strictly VorV location on the island is a good light breakfast and lunch location serving both vegetarian and vegan meals along with their fresh nutritious juices. @25th St. Between Market & Postoffice

Eacetera offers both vegetarian and vegan on their menu that does serve meat as well to take care of everybody in the group. Do not miss out on the soup of the day. You will not be disappointed here. @ 25th St. Between Market & Postoffice.

Mediterranean Chef on The Strand Street or Olympia Grill on the Harbor @ Pier 21 are two Mediterranean restaurants that offer vegetarian as well as some vegan (be sure to ask).

Riondo’s Ristorante on The Strand @ 20th St. offer vegetarian but I don’t know of any vegan options.

A couple of top soup and salad places I’d recommend would be Rudy&Paco’s and Sunflower Bakery. Vegetarian for sure but not sure exactly about the vegan options. I know sometime’s off menu item’s are offered or ask about the ingredients.


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