Better Me. Having some track.


#BetterMe As a #Writer my planning, routine, and lists are essential. I have index cards and color coded spreadsheets. This is the non-artistic side of my brain but it keeps the artistic side going smoothly and a little more focused. It is easy in research and reading to hop from one subject to look something else up and then something else from there and before you know it you are very damn far from the tracks you began on…and may even have a deadline for. Now, on weekends, I enjoy letting this fly and a lot of fun writing and inspiration can come from it. But when working for yourself, at home (or coffeeshop) and actually wanting to look back on the year and see some accomplishment (and maybe some money in the bank.) And if you ever plan on actually getting something finished, and submitted, then knowing a track, a course, and sticking to it is pretty essential. For me at least. #AmWriting #Plans #ToDoLists #Routines #Focus #Goals


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