Morning Meditation IX.


I am one who has always loved and relished in my own solitary peace and quiet. I will find myself gone days without a sound, not even music at times. I love music. But I love the quiet, too.

I love everything in it’s place. And silence and sound have their place.

Growing up with seven siblings in the house plus my parents, I found my solitude in my bedroom, making it a world of my own. One wall plastered with poetry, quote’s, pictures of places to travel to one day (most of which I now have) and postcards of places I’ve been. Floor to ceiling that wall was plastered with the world before me. The other three walls covered in shelves of books.

I found solitude long past the age for it, in my platform tree house, an open platform my dad and us had built in some tree’s in the front paddock. The kids didn’t come in because they weren’t interested in the horses and because I made it pretty clear how dangerous the horses loose could be to the young ones. I had it to myself with my world at my finger tips. I read more books than I can count up there on Texas summer days, the breeze in the tree’s and shade from the sun. I never thought it too hot.

I found my solitude in my barn, brushing out my horses coats to gleaming perfection for hours on end while they sighed and slept enjoying the massage of patient quiet hands. I found my solitude riding out in fields of lavender, goldenrod and sunflowers, all different times of year would bring us many beautiful things. Sometimes among the bails of rolled up hay or underneath the shade of tree in wooded area’s.

Now I find my solitude often in the comfort of my home, books still at finger tip. I find it walking though my neighborhood admiring the architecture and gardens. I find it in a walk on the beach.

I find my solitude in many ways and still I enjoy it just as much. But at times I emerge and seek conversation, people, bustle and noise. Music. Walk out of my shell. It always seems like a transition through a wall of mist.

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