Better Me. Habits of food.


#BetterMe I have been on the vegan bandwagon, the vegetarian bandwagon, the all fish bandwagon, and the Texas BBQ and southern foods bandwagon, and even the gone and done fallen off the bandwagon, but over all I grew up and have always known the importance of eating basically healthy and all things in moderation. My own mom realized that changes to a diet affected her kids attention span and their schooling. Sugar wasn’t a thing except from grandmothers. All good…and bad things can be over done. I myself am all about enjoying food. I love food so much that I travel for it. I love cooking and I certainly love eating. But I naturally tend toured healthy foods most of the time, especially when I cook. I have moved farther away from heavier foods in my life as well but I still enjoy a pasta when I want a frickin pasta. I just am sure to not make it an every night habit and am sure to add plenty of nourishing health benefits to it. I don’t eat to stay slim, though I also do eat to not add on pounds (as age slows my metabolism.) I will not deny myself. If an amazing dessert is served up…fine. I am not going to torture myself and pass it up. But that also doesn’t mean that I starve myself to make up for it later. No, I enjoy it in moderation. Eating and food is enjoyment and friends and family to me. It is an orgasm to taste great flavors. I love foods and spices from all over the word. I won’t deny myself. I will nourish myself. My “Diet” consists of getting what I feel my body needs. A lot of vitamins naturally through foods as well as antioxidants, omega 3 healthy fats, calcium, iron, protein and more. I don’t follow fad diets. I don’t “Diet” at all. I eat bread but…moderation (I will not pass up the bread basket at one of these places more famous for their breads that their entrees). I don’t always do the best but I always work to seek and be a Better Me.


One thought on “Better Me. Habits of food.

  1. I’m vegan but I totally agree with this. I know a lot of vegans who just eat fruits and veggies but I just can’t do that. I strive to eat healthy as much as possible but I don’t deny myself treats (as long as they don’t contain animal products). Life is too short to not enjoy what you eat.

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