Morning Meditation XIV.


Summer is here and the sun is blazing. Think of childhood running in the sprinklers. Think of reading underneath the shade of the big oak tree. Think of the big swing you could lay on underneath the tree in the backyard, swaing in the summer breeze. Think of the smell of library books brought home in the summer. Think of outdoor Shakespeare plays. Think of the feel of grass underneath your bare feet…or of sand. Think of your hands in soil of a garden, or in mud making mudpies. Think of riding bikes and the heat never slowing your down. Think of swinging higher and higher then letting go and flying before rolling on the ground. Think of summertime fireworks, hot dogs and snowcones. Think of long family drives and new places and things. Think of reading through book after book that leaves you dreaming during summer naps. Think of strawberries, bueberries, and whipped cream on cake. Think of melting icecream cones. Think of splashing in pools and of building sand castles. Think of summer of childhood…and now…go and do it all.


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