TBT. What would I tell my younger self.


This is a TBT for sure…the summer I was 15. What I would tell my younger self if I could at any stage in the game….it would fill a book. For this girl…this 15 year old who had begun posing for cameras that Spring, who stood in Clear Lake Texas right here on a family trip to NASA and a picnic she will always remember.

If this girl knew how imprinted her mothers fried chicken biscuit sandwiches would forever remain on her. If this girl knew that the photo being taken by her little brother would be the last time they had any kind of closeness….after a lifetime of playing G.I.Joes together, climbing tree’s together, bike riding together.

If she knew then that this would be the last time her family would all be together and be happy and be a family….if she knew. She would have not enjoyed that moment as much as she did, in dread…or held on and cherished it maybe even more. I don’t know. I know those biscuit sandwiches are in my mind. I know the image of my mother not being tired or weary and passing them out are in my mind. I know my younger siblings awe of NASA are in my mind.

I remember joking lightheatedly with the brother who took this photo are in my mind and I know an innocence of childhood still remained just then. But the cusp of life is the line that she stood upon. I wouldn’t want to tell this young girl standing there the things to come because it might take away the last of the things that were there.

I often think of the “What would I tell my younger self” question but often I think that sometimes it is better not to know what is to come…not just then, not just yet. #TBT #myyoungerself #Whatwouditellmyyoungerself #Childhood #Innocence #Adulthood #Growingup #Adult  #Life #Growing #Aging


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