Morning Meditation. XVI.


I am at my halfway point today in my work month, then two weeks off (where I will enjoy some fun in Florida rather than behind a desk) and when I get to this point I get to reflecting how much is finished…and how much I have left to do. It can be frustrating or rewarding and any moment can change that. Sometimes it’s a hot tea you want in the evening and some days call for the hot toddy. We won’t even talk about mornings. There. Is. Not. Enough. Coffee. Ever. But all in all I enjoy having my time schedule and the clock that I live on. 2 weeks vacation, four weeks hard work. I am able to dive in and envelope my self in what task and project is at hand (currently finishing draft and edits of Behind The White Gate…still, shush) and in my two weeks I am able to relax and recharge. Step away so that I may come back. It may have taken me about 34 years to find my rhythm. but it sure has a nice hum to it.


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