Island Living. The Sweet Spot.

I am on to some new travels away from the island but my heart will remain for sure. I will be back and I will always love Galveston Island. The place I made my first sand castle, first learned to swim, my first sting by a jellyfish, and the place I came back to as an adult. I have lived here for six years now and have planted my feet firmly in the sand since I was a tiny little sea urchin. I plan that I will spend many of my older days here and perhaps even settle to rest eventually.
Until then, I will share my island life and it’s many amazing moments.

Ok so we worked  out a little and now back to food. I don’t stray from this topic for long. The island has no shortage of good desserts, I know this one well, so if you want to satisfy that sweet tooth or if you want a sweet date night here are a few choices for you in Galveston.

Brew’s Brother’s: A great place for a LATE stop (11:m-2:AM) They offer an AMAZING BEERamisu in a mason jar, get it for there or take it to go, I can eat one on my own but if you want to make several wine/beer and dessert stops in one night then share before this next spot.

Start earlier and get my favorite Granny Smith Candy apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Have them slice it up for you or keep it to take home later, when the music & movie nights start in Saengerfest Park again this is a good picnic treat and the whole shabang is an immediate cheap date.

To add to the daytime dessert tour/date/whateveryourreasonmaybe, stop for a little take home bag of Salt Water Taffy made in house at La King’s.

For a sweet latte, a break from all the walking or keep you awake java and open as late as 10:PM be SURE to hit MOD Coffeehouse, enjoy the atmosphere, people watching and even a relaxing and fun outdoor area if the weather allows.

After some coffee and ready for your next spot you might as well not miss a real Galveston Island treat of absolutely home made on the island and the only of it’s kind, Hey Mikey’s Icecream Shop…right next door to MOD, definitely a way to cool down on a hotter day.

Ready for the BEST (My opinion) creme brulee and a glass of red wine (my favorite pairing?) Then walk down the street and split one a SaltWater Grille (Not that I share this one)….and to ebb off all that sugar a little be sure to catch their happy hour at 5-6 for some of the best bite’s too!

And if you want a sweet while a sunset walk on the beach (I am fantastic with these cheap date idea’s) there is always my guy’s favorite, Rita’s on the Seawall at 61st. Grab an Italian Ice or other choice and take a sunset walk right across the street.

Still not finished here…there’s more….But why don’t you enjoy finding them on your own dessert tour?


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