Morning Meditation XVIII.


There are weeks when you work really hard and by the end nothing seemed to be finished. Your To Do list grew rather than shrunk and after a week of 16-18 hour days you can’t figure out what you did at all. Frustrating. Exhaustive. Sometimes heartbreaking. But sometimes you also just need a break. To put it down. Walk away. Rest. To come back with those rested eye’s, clear mind, and get back to it better and stronger than before. To see clearly what was accomplished, and the road to step back onto. You get to that point where you just can’t see straight anymore. You are hunched over your work and your muscles hurt. You are grouchy and the creativity you need just isn’t there…you realize this…push away from your desk….walk away. This was me last night. Today I will take a break. A day of relax, doodle, enjoy and clear the mind. It seems with so much to do that you want to keep at it…but really you will end up spinning your wheels and …crying in the end. Making mistakes and causing more problems than accomplishing. Stop. Enjoy a Saturday morning. Coffee in hand. Quiet. Calm. Nothing else needs your attention right now but you. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #Work #Stress #Workstress #Theratrace #Working #WriterAtRest #WorkPlace #Job #Employment #Accomplishing #Successful #GettingItDone #Relax #Clearmind


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