Mardi Gras in Poetry.


Upon the blue roofed porch,
wooden ornate door closed behind me,
I slip my arm into him who stands,
dressed in a sooted gray,
coat tails all display,
hands me my umbrella and we walk along gay.
Tap of our heels upon the old brick and new already cracked gray.
Joined by more and more until we line up
to be not watchers but the dancers
of the infamous umbrella brigade.
No one recognizes, calls me by name.
Tonight I only carry fresh new fame.
No past to claim.
We are, for tonight, one and same.
I walk in the light of carriers flame.
The next morning, breakfast tray served,
party sleepy friends emerge,
hair tousled,
makeup gone we are known by given name.
Until night falls to be done again…

This, is living Mardi Gras on Galveston island for me.

All magic, glitter, and fame.
#Galveston #MyGalveston #GalvestonBecause #Island #MardiGras #Texas #GulfCoast #SouthernLiving #SouthernLife #TheSouth #Party #InTheNight #Poem #Poetry #Writing #Writer #AmWriting #Glitter #Fame #Magic #Dragon #Parade


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