Morning Meditation. Loss 1of3.


With soon to be RV traveling it has come time to pair down the un-needed…stuff. For me this is pretty easy…in one way. Because I’ve now lost things about four times. This time isn’t a loss, heck, I haven’t even rebuilt much from the last time. But it still had me reflecting.

I had packed up a storage unit in CA and moved and traveled for awhile. Then I got a call that it had burned. I cried and cried, having to pull over on the side of the highway, blinded by my tears. My last of my family photos were in there. My only pictures of childhood and my grandparents. Through other family issues of loss that was all that was left. Or had been left. And now it was all gone.

I had a box taped up and labeled “Peggy’s Past” in which I had narrowed down all things of my ex-husband ad marriage (1st.) It had love letters and cards and pictures and an album and our wedding photos, my rings and two golden Christmas ornaments that had been a wedding gift…a gold lace peach and pair, jewelry and more.

Any last childhood mementos were lost and many beautiful books I had collected. As in 1st edition, signed, and simply special.

I had realized though that I had put all that stuff in that storage thinking it felt as if it weighed me down…things I couldn’t just throw out but had no clue what to do with.

And after a good cry and of course always some sadness (pictures most) I did feel lighter. And I moved on.

I learned loss of “Things.” It hadn’t been the the first loss. Nor even of some “things” but it had been the “last of” those types and items that couldn’t be replaced. Even more so, memories.

I did learn that those….I still have. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #Loss #Things #past #Memories


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