Houston, and its offers.


In my fun time of trekking, not so far from where I have lived for six years Galveston Island, Houston before I set off for farther travels, a lot of what I did was revisiting museums. In recent years I had gone to the Museum of Natural Science during their showing of the Last Samurai. A great one.

But on this most recent trip I went to The Museum of Fine Arts….during this time were a few exhibits I really wanted to see (ok and so did J) of Cars of the Art-Deco area, Sculpted in Steel, another Jazz Art-Deco small exhibit and I got a chance to see a real small but nice Art of Islamic Worlds exhibit as well.

The museum is gigantic, there was no way to do it all one one day and after awhile I need some outside time…and taco’s. There is a really large beautiful and amazing selection of arts in the Christ/Christian/European Art that I chose to save for another time, due to it’s size and need of more time and attention…and lack of taco crankiness. However I did get the time to enjoy a pretty nice selection of African-American artists, even Houston area. What pieces there were were incredible time changing and story telling.

Cars are a big one for me. I grew up with a dad whose entire life revolved around them…and some of that rubbed off on me. My love of a classic car or vehicle, combined with my love of Art-Deco, and of course J’s total fascination of cars and engines took us to a beautiful exhibit. The clean and classic lines. The curves. More angles to shoot than on a fashion model any day.

I have to admit, though, that my favorite part was eavesdropping on the conversation through the entire car-show of an elderly gentlemen, being pushed in a wheelchair by someone younger,strapped with an oxygen tank, yet if dapper is used ever in my life to describe someone, this gentleman would be it, and talking about his younger days when those 1920’s cars were brand knew and living through the jazz age of Houston Texas in the 1920’s. Sometimes story isn’t found in a book, but when we listen.



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