Morning Meditation. The early morning thoughts.


I’ve been doing #MorningMeditation for awhile and have been asked a few questions about it lately. Why overall? What are MM?

For me it began because I woke with a thought, quietly moved around my loft in the morning silence that I loved and sometimes mist leftover from a dream or a thought that I had tumbled before going to bed remained.

And I began voicing them. I didn’t wish to write some long drawn out piece on it and I realized that at times though they grow into something big…that first moment it was best in it’s simplistic form. One day I sat and wrote one of those thoughts out and it began as my morning meditation thought. My thought while in the quiet of the morning, while sipping my coffee first thing.
That moment when I love letting whatever thought that is tumbling in my head create into wherever it might…or might not go. In a busy day with a busy to do list and a lot of directing thoughts as a writer once I sit down to my desk, there is a time when I have to let my thoughts roam. This is most often how my creating comes about. It might be personal, it might be a dream, it might come from something I’ve been working on.

Whatever it is…it is the thought that comes to me in that morning quiet…the only sounds then are of the shower, brushing my teeth, the sound of the tea kettle when the water is ready. The sound of the pour into the french press. The sound of spoon against cup. My morning is embraced by silence (funny when in the evening I crave noise.) But in that silence a thought, a word, a voice seems to come along, wrapped in it’s own aura and color, and I sit and sip my coffee and ponder on it, let them form, let them be in full whatever they may be.

I suspect that my morning silence is the time that has come to hear what is fighting inside to get out at that moment and I should allow it’s uncaging rather than suppress it and tuck it away in the shadows….I let it come and greet the morning light. They aren’t much. It is sometimes much more than I share and sometimes its just a speck. Either way I feel like I have meditated that morning. I feel like I have grown each time. I feel a peace that I cannot describe from my quiet time in my morning when I let a thought roll and roll and form into a pearl…or simply slip between my fingers like grains of sand. #meditation


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