Vacations and DMV’s do not mix.


Day two of vacation and frankly right now I am super happy that in only six weeks I begin another two weeks because this two weeks is off to a rocky horror start. Day two and J has some DMV stuff to handle…DL renewals and whatnot. Changing state to start with and then in the midst of travels causes for some problems. Timelines and so forth have to be considered, as do locations and more. Bills, utilities in the day and age of everything done online and by automatic billpay..including vehicle insurance doesn’t seem to flow for the DMV, and after about three visits to one in between work schedules that don’t give an inch of ability to do so while in work-term, today’s what was supposed to be a final drive test and the visit went kaplunk along with the others. Straight into the deep end of a cool inviting swimming pond that secretly harbors alligators.

Even before that the day was tons of phone calls and coordinating situations since 6:AM.

Just one of those kinds of days.

I am in limbo of getting started into a book, a project, some writing, or going anywhere that is restricted by time schedules, appointments, and interruption, and thus a bit frazzled by now. If I smoked, I would smoke.

So now late in the afternoon and a day wasted it seems.
In fact, the DMV is even put on hold until another day. So there will go another day gone and wasted with full on annoyance. I’d rather have a tooth pulled than go to the DMV. Sometimes the adulting really gets in the way. The DMV is the worst kind of adulting. Taxes and divorce any day over the DMV, please.

And vacation maybe tomorrow.


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