Vacation has begun. The essentials of life.


So two days later and vacation has finally begun…kinda…sorta…oy.

Day three and we ended up visiting with friends and going on a road trip with them to pick up a classic dream car. Why not? We all liked classic cars and this was the dream car of one of them, and the drive was pretty, the company fun, and the little town we went to good for some antiquing. A good double date day. We enjoyed some kolaches and some amazing sushi along the trip…it made for a good combo though not together and hours apart, thankfully.

The long drive, however, ended up fruitless as the car wasn’t at all what was promised and so we went home mad, disappointed, sad for our friend, and outraged at such a bad professional advertisement. No rust doesn’t mean a rusted through hole on the floorboards, among an entire list of other things, cash ready to hand over. However all in jest and good as we felt the drive itself was well worth it and had plenty of fun regardless.

J and I had not yet done the big stock grocery shop we planned and usually do when he comes off work for our two weeks of eating and cooking together. We are foodies who enjoy good stuff and pinterest try-outs as well as some classic favorites and whatever we may have been craving the month prior, but chose to wait to make, so afterwards we decided to hit a store before heading home and fill up. Four hours later and walking out, tired, from the store and we were loaded down.

Getting home and all groceries in, J decided to get out of my super Type-A coming out moment as I somehow fit everything into our freezer and fridge and in proper and particular order and with great organization. Also of course planned on when and how we use each item to come. I really try not to have to hit the store again for another two weeks. He did try and help me a few times and realized each time that of course he was doing things wrong, and it was best when my eye’s were in that glazed over intensely focused on my task at hand look, to just make himself scarce. Yet he is one of those if I am up cleaning or cooking or some such task he feels as he should be, too. Which was fine. He went to clean his guns.

Over there. Away from me. Away from the kitchen. Out of my way. And perhaps while holding a little protection if he should need it. From me. Which when in that zone and interrupted he might sometime need.

Somehow I did manage to fit everything in the fridge and my already stocked with home made soups and broths freezer. I always am in wonder when they show some organized fridge picture online and it holds like 2 water bottles, a couple of yogurts and one small bowl of fruit and think “How is that all they eat?” Usually some model or celebrity fridge of course. I think on how I might not enjoy embracing my love handles that have come with being a little older and will step up my physically active game. We are adding in more bike riding, kayaking, hiking and fun physical activities to our daily life again, (after some brief laziness/busyness/work for both in the past few years) along with my yoga, running and swimming, of which I have been a little lazy about lately.

By then it’s late at night and after a long day in a car I am ready for a long hot shower.

The next day we slept in…an absolute until noon type of sleep in on a Saturday! YAY! Vacation…it has begun.

I woke super in a good mood. Not that I am usually woke in a bad mood but today I was a little more bouncy in my step.

That might be the sex.

Or it might be that I woke with the memory in mind that I had good new yummy coffee to try. It had smelled so good when picked up the day before in some small town filled with antiques and I made my french press of it while starting on some bagel breakfast sandwiches I had seen on pinterest. The smells of everything bagel, melting butter in a pan, and great coffee mingled in the morning-afternoon air. Pinterest is liken to a god of which to bow down to. Or at least gaze our worshipping eye’s upon for hours upon hours. Oh pinterest. How I love your love letters of yummy pictures you sustain me with…

Where was I? Sex, coffee, pinterest…the essentials of life….

Oh yeah. So I made some yummy sandwiches…these. I would post my own picture but completely forgot to take any. I did add some ‘dippy eggs’ (as my dad called them) on the side (J put his on the sandwich) and I did add a spread of raspberry jam to it as well. It turned out amazing and very simple to make, as I sipped my devine coffee, another bow-to-god of mine and chatted with J about this and that.

After breakfast he got to work with his first time making on his own jambalaya. He has been learning from some creole boys on the river at work. And it is not exactly like theirs nor exactly how he wished but it is a damn good jambalaya much less a first time attempt.

It may be a day of cooking as soon, as we spend a day picking through jambalaya (really to be eaten tomorrow), I will make a big Bahn Mi sandwich for us for lunch.

So far we’ve yet to put pants on nor move outside of the house. It may be a holiday weekend which also means a lot of people and traffic and here we are, with a stack of books to be read and great gourmet foods at hand. Perhaps that more physically active lifestyle shall begin in the fall, when the heat won’t melt us. Or even later today. But at least not just quite yet.

Hello vacation. How I’ve missed you.


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