Vacation, not so much stay-cation.


Vacation this trip has had it’s ups and downs for sure. And not nearly the full on relax trip we had planned.

Of course.

We made plans.

J says “Correction. YOU made plans.”

J doesn’t do plans.

J says that when that many lists are involved it is bound to go wrong. Such as my grocery list always being forgotten when we go to the grocery store.

And $475 later.

But nobody asked J…..

We have had a bit of a crazy long weekend. Visiting and traveling and handling business and mixing in pleasure.

Day four and J chose to make us a big breakfast…I puttered around him in my morning quiet don’t talk to me mode making my coffee, while he in all his excited energy made us breakfast. That man can cook so well but don’t let him anywhere near chorizo. Figures an Austrian guy would ruin something un-ruinable.

And I swear he practically used jazz hands. Who the hell has that kind of energy without drinking coffee and so early (1:pm in the afternoon)? I contribute this to him still being in his 20’s, even if it is his last year of it. Pre-coffee and this thought and his energy only make me want to growl, grumble, and drink my coffee in peace.

That morning, however, peace did not come while I sipped through my first cup of coffee. Rather, a question from the direction of the kitchen every two seconds of where something was or how I preferred my eggs this morning or trying to have an actual conversation.

He chooses now to have an actual conversation? Lord help him if he starts in on politics or economy or world events at this very moment. A typical topic for us both. Dare he whisper the name Trump and So help him.

I secretly huddle over my cup of coffee and begin thinking of ways to make the body disappear. I love the man any other time, but love ain’t got nothin to do with it before the coffee has kicked in and during my quiet morning time.

Even with business, however, the vacation has been good this trip (we live by ‘trips in’ and ‘trips out’ as J’s work runs like that, and thus the timetables of our lives.) We did enjoy some fun exploring and relaxing in between it all.

Business and other things had us making a quick unexpected trip and getting to see the fireworks in Galveston. We didn’t get a chance for BBQ’s and whatnot but we did manage a Seawall view of the works. J’s only time hitting the 4th of July fireworks on the island since he had moved there a few years prior but always gone in summer. I actually thought it was the smallest I had seen in years there and a little let down by that but not at all by a night beach walk with fireworks and holding the hand of J.

He said “Here, I give you romance. I got you fireworks.”

That will be about all the romance I get from him. The man is many things, romantic with ease and smoothness, not so much. lol

Ohhh, he does have his moments. This morning I did wake to the smell of coffee and brought to my bedside.

Back to the land of sunshine where we are spending our summer. Business handled for now. Fun and friends visiting and fireworks and sno-cones had the past five days or so. This trip/vacation ‘in’ will also end early due to classes and work for both of us but only one more month and we hit the next stretch of road. We’ve had some great time in Florida and parts of Texas this summer. Why our timing had us in the hottest places for summer, don’t ask…not when we had a chance of Alaska. And even our next step is some deep south. Next year I am not spending summer anywhere that makes me sweat just getting out of the shower in the morning.

This next month of work looms ahead and it is time to send last 2015 NaNo Novel, Behind The White Gate, out to get published. Some publisher shopping ahead at least. Under The Oak is in works along with many shorts and articles and poems in various stages of writing/submitting/publishing. And before too long is NANOWRIMO 2016 which I will do again. Though I am re-drafting an older novel this year….Mr. Jones. I’ve also been touching base on some older projects that have been sitting on the back burner. 2016 is a productive year and hopefully a much accomplished by the end of it.

Here I am on vacation….a day of relaxing in complete this one, and thinking of the works ahead. With excitement. Maybe even jazz hands. Lord give me that under thirty year old energy. Or another cup of coffee.


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